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Category: Gameplay

Super Geeks 32: Rosspoint Flashpoint

Join us as we discuss the Flash season 3 premiere, Flashpoint, Rebels, Wonder Woman being bisexual, Luke Cage and more.

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Scorched Earth, Sort of-Livestream Highlight Shell Shock Live

Welcome to my livestream highlight from Shell Shock Live! In this highlight I play Shell Shock Live for the first time, experiencing failure, victory, and fun!

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Enjoy The Incredible Hulk in all its Forms

  It may not feel like it, but Marvel’s The Hulk has been with us since May 1962, featuring in everything from the original comic books and movies to online slot games. However, the character owes much of his mainstream popularity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and films such as The Avengers (2012). As a […]

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Tribute to Friends Gone So Very Wrong-Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love play and this highlight from my Worms Clan Wars livestream. In this Highlight I take my team of Worms, named after my friends, to fight an opposing team. Things go badly quickly and what is supposed to be a tribute goes very wrong.

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Pickups and Glory: Doom Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this livestream Highlight from DOOM(2016), Pickups and Glory. In this highlight I explore a map from DOOM’s snapmap feature, a user generated content creation tool and library. The first map I try does not disappoint.

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Livestream Highlight: Playing the Odds…Badly

Welcome back to XCOM 2! Today I have another tale of action, excitement, and turn based tension as I deploy my squad to the abandoned suburbs of Toronto to destroy an Advent communications relay.

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Livestream Highlight: Snake? SNAAAKE!

Welcome back to my XCOM 2 play through. In this highlight my squad is sent to recover supplies from an immobilized Advent caravan.  There, they encounter the snake like Viper for the first time and the luck of the Pink shotgun fails.

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Livestream Highlight: Lucky Pink Shotgun!

The forces of Advent Flee in terror of the Lucky Pink Shotgun! Welcome to another livestream highlight from my twitch channel. This clip features XCOM 2, a turn based squad combat action game from Firaxis.

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Livestream Highlight: Holy Dangling Batmobiles!

  Batman Arkham Knight Developed by Rocksteady Studios Published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment To see the full playthough live follow my Twitch channel. Past broadcasts are kept for two weeks and highlights will be posted to my Youtube channel as well as this site.

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Livestream Highlight Batman: Arkham Knight

Watch live video from Subsailor688 on Originally broadcast on July 15th 2006 Live on Twitch.

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