Taking Down Big Daddy: Bioshock Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this livestream highlight from Bioshock The Collection. In this highlight I face off against the hulking Big Daddy, Mr Bubbles. Keep reading for a short fiction inspired by the clip.
“Would you Kindly put down that Big Daddy so you can get to the little sister.”
Easier said than done. I’ve seen that Big Daddy does to anyone who threatens him or his little sister. He’s faster than he looks, the dive suit is like armor, and that massive drill is not for show. Truly, this place, this Rapture, is hell on earth. This place stinks of death, decadence, and decay. Mad splicers lurk in every corner, and adam boils my blood from within, filling my mind with the screams of ghosts.
In calm moments I can’t help but wonder how this place looked like at its height, before its denizens became raving feral adam addicts. Once this place was beautiful, I think. Elegant curves weave intricate patterns along the walls. Strong vertical lines frame every window, door, and wall panel. Art Deco at its finest. But now everything is covered in a fine layer of dust, grime, verdigris, and blood.
I’m still in disbelief of the abilities I have thanks to adam. Its strange and intoxocating to have this power inside me, this surging heat that thrums in syncopation with my heartbeat. Fire in my palm, lighting at my fingertips, and ice in my eyes. This power comes at a price, I must consume eve to use these abilities and each use drains me, like a siphon on my very soul.
I’ll need these abilities if I’m going to survive my fight with Big Daddy. I’ve watched them as they lumber though the halls of this shipwreck of a city, going about their tasks with a deliberate precision. They walk though fires with no regard to the flames, they wade into frigid waters unafraid, they cleave though thick metal like butter. The only thing that gives them pause is electricity.
I’m not unarmed either. I have to be or I would fall to the hordes of ravenous splicers. A six shot revolver is my go to weapon followed by a drum fed sub-machine gun but neither of these weapons have the stopping power I need to take down that monster. I’ll be relying on my shotgun for this.
Once I take down the Big Daddy I’ll have a grim decision to make. The Little Sister. Inside these small girls is the source of all that ruined Rapture, adam. I’ll need more of it if I am to survive this hell. If I harvest the worm inside the girl I’ll gain more adam but she won’t survive the process. A woman called Tannenbalm begged me to spare the sisters. She showed me how to free the sisters and obtain a lesser volume of adam.
I hear him now, slamming his fist into the heat ducts the sisters use to traverse the city. Its time.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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