I'm the Captain Now: Fractured Space Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this livestream highlight from Fractured Space. In this highlight I take command of a cruiser and set out on my maiden in my final stream from my home in California.
Fractured Space in a free to play space combat Multiplayer Online Battle Area(MOBA) title developed and published by Edge Case Games. Teams compete for resources gathered from four mining platforms. The team that destroys their opponent’s home base wins the match.
My first impression of Fractured Space is a good one. Gameplay is fun and engaging with a simple tutorial that eases any barrier to entry. Controls are simple and intuitive and shares many similarities to other games in the genre.  Ship weapons feel powerful and effective to the five ship classes; Medium Cruiser, Support, Sniper, and Heavy. The player ships have a heavy capitol ship feel to them, even the medium cruiser. If you’re looking for a fighter simulator look elsewhere.
There are three factions for the player to choose from: Titan Defense Systems(TDS), Zarek Industrial, United Space Research(USR). The faction’s ships are well designed and easily identifiable between each faction on the battlefield. Level designs are simple with the  map divided into five sections, two home bases, two capture lanes, and a single gamma harvesting section, all linked together by a lightspeed jump.
Fractured Space’s Gameplay is similar to games of its genre with teams pushing across capturable outposts across to lanes, a central nexus offers a temorary boost to a team’s abilities. Capturing and holding mining outposts gains a team resources which unlock ship upgrades which improve ship performance. Access to the enemy’s home base is accessed by capturing the far outpost and the team that captures their opponent’s home base wins the match.
In all Fractured Space is a fun game with no barrier for entry. Unfortunately only the base medium attack cruiser is available for each faction. Ships may be unlocked via in game currency or real money purchase with additional skins available as well. I’ll be playing this game again in the future, check back soon for more info.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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