I Would Like to Rage: DOOM Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this livestream highlight from DOOM(2016). In this clip I go into a rage of Chainsaw demon carving! None are spared from my jagged grinding teeth of devastation!
Another night of DOOM Snapmap. For the FPS gamer a weapon is power. Most FPSs favor raged weapons from the short range hallway clearing shotgun to the “reach out and touch someone” sniper rifle and everything in between. With few exceptions Melee weapons are relegated to finishing or hold out roles, if included at all. DOOM is one such exception.
The standard melee strike in DOOM does little damage but when used against a staggered enemy triggers a glory kill. Glory Kills cause extra ammo and health to drop and helps keep gameplay moving forward rather than forcing the player to break combat and go searching for ammo pickups. The chainsaw is a melee weapon that instantly kills its target and causes them to shower the player in ammo, this power is restricted by limited fuel.
This map turns those rules on their head and gives the chainsaw unlimited fuel. Unlimited power, instant death and dismemberment. Nothing can stand against me! All will fall to my chainsaw!  FEEL THE RAGE OF MY GRINDING METAL TEETH AS THEY RIP THOUGH YOUR PATHETIC HIDE AND BONE! NOT EVEN YOUR GREATER DEMON KNIGHTS CAN FACE THE CHURNING HATE OF MY BLADES AND LIVE! MY CHAINSAW THIRST FOR YOUR BLOOD AND HUNGERS FOR YOUR FLESH! I AM YOUR DESTRUCTION, I AM YOUR NIGHTMARE!
Ok, I got a little carried away with this one. The mission was fun but it lasted maybe five minutes longer than it should have. As much as I enjoyed ripping apart everything that opposed me, the death animation gets a little repetitive.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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