Fear No Evil: Arkham Knight Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this highlight from Batman Arkham Knight. In this clip the Nighmare lives, the Joker takes control and Batman is lost within his own mind.
Whoever said that Death was only a new beginning was right! Life has been a blast for me after I died. Being inside Batman’s head has been a wonderful experience for me. When I was alive I played with Batman based on his past decisions, choices, and actions. I memorized his moves, studied his investigations, and ate popcorn as he took down Two Face for the twentieth time. Now, now I have his thoughts, his memories, and his fears.
Oh I’ve had so much fun! How I want this feeling, this stubborn hope of his, to continue but all good things must end. My time is coming, his will is crumbling, and its only a matter of time before he breaks under Crane’s toxin. Oh that delicious toxin! It tastes like iron and burnt toast with a light buttery aftertaste. Every particle makes me stronger. Each breath makes him weaker.
This body, this mind, they will all belong to me in the end. Oh Bruce’s friends will put up a fight but what would you expect from his sycophantic proteges. I bet Dick would be the most fun out of them all but he doesn’t have the severity that Bruce has. Tim might be good for a diversion but he’s small and I’d probably break him to easily and where’s the fun in that? Barbra’s already broken and no one like to play with a broken toy. Kate Kane might be fun, she has Bruce’s severity and it would be a blast to see if I can put a dent in that military discipline of hers.
Oh the Joker is back and Gotham is going to burn!

Thank you for watching and reading.

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