What is Live Love Play?

Welcome to Live Love Play!

My name is Ross and this is my website.
Live Love Play is my multimedia content hub that caters to a broad spectrum of geeky interests. I produce fun and interesting videos, blogs, interviews, and live-streams built around three ideas:
Live your life to the fullest because you only get one.
Celebrate the things you love and don’t let haters bring you down
Never stop playing because it keeps your heart young.

Live is about Living and adventure. This includes The Live Blog, a periodic blog about my life experiences, adventures, and occasionally food.
Love is all about we love: Fandom, Books, Music, Movies, TV, and much more. This includes podcasts like Supergeeks, the interview series For the Love Of, and Getting Lost in Space.
Play is all about gaming of all kinds: I love to game with the community on Twitch and I DM the tabletop RPG podcast Gods of Eukon.

This site is the home of all my written content, my blogs, reviews, commentary, and original fiction. If you enjoy what I do please visit my other channels for my video, and audio content.

Where to Look

I Livestream three times a week on Twitch with pre-recorded Vodcasts filling the gaps in between.
On my YouTube Channel, you’ll find my library of Livestream highlights, creator interviews, and my RPG Podcast Gods of Eukon.
My Vidme Channel is the exclusive home of Getting Lost in Space as well as bonus clips from my Signature Content.
Patreon is a crowdfunding site that allows users to directly support the creators they enjoy via direct donations or a monthly pledge. So if you like what I do and you want to help me improve please consider pledging today. As a perk, my patrons get early access to my Signature Content, Gods of Eukon and Getting Lost in Space.
Stay up to date on all of my content by following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.