Customizing Spark: XCOM 2 Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this highliht from XCOM 2. In this clip I run though a few customization option for my robotic soldier, Spark and stumble upon a familiar voice.
Everywhere I look I see my father’s influence. This ship, The Avenger, is a testament to his genius and a monument to his life. While I’m not too humble to admit my own skill his knowledge was built on his foundation. No where do I see his presence more than in Spark.
The Spark was an XCOM shadow project designed to supplement our troops. He completed the prototype but died not long after. He programmed Spark to be a companion and protector for me. Everything about Spark was meant to be a comfort for me from his silhouette to his voice. But I was a child when my father built Spark and my needs are no longer the same.
My father was good, very good, but thanks to his influence, I’m better. Spark’s chassis is sturdy and can take a lot of punishment in a fight but with some modification I can make him a tank. Once I’m done with him Spark will be a juggernaught on the battlefield. I already have plans for upgraded weapons, armor, and abilities.
The last thing I want to change is his voice. My father programmed Spark’s voice to bring comfort to me as a child. But I’m not a child anymore and I don’t need comfort, I need a soldier, I need a warrior. I’ve started looking into a new voice for him and I think I have an Idea. My father enjoyed pre war science fiction television to a point that was almost unhealthy. I watched with him for a time and one voice from one of those shows has always stuck in my mind. Its perfect.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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