Livestream Highlight: Snake? SNAAAKE!

Welcome back to my XCOM 2 play through. In this highlight my squad is sent to recover supplies from an immobilized Advent caravan.  There, they encounter the snake like Viper for the first time and the luck of the Pink shotgun fails.
A Canadian resistance cell has disabled an Advent caravan carrying supplies to one of their outlying bases. Firebrand is sent to deploy a squad led by the bearer of The Pink Shotgun, Arne “Cap” Schmidt. The mission is a simple one with relatively low risks so I sent two rooking along to watch, learn, and gain experience.
However, the first encounter changes my mind. While in concealment my squad spots an enemy group led by an enemy type never seen before. The being is snake like, long and sinuous yet eerily feminine. Intel reports call it a Viper. At 15 feet long with razor fangs and a cobra hood it is an intimidating enemy. Fortunately its supple scaly snake hide is far from bullet proof and the first one falls to a blast from the Pink Shotgun.
The squad spots the objective, Advent supply crates, littering the battlefield. My troops move to cover the crates with Cap running point, my rookies flank, and my support takes the rear. Advent Stun Lancers charge down the center but Cap puts them down with a mighty blast from the Pink Shotgun. A Captain pushes from the side and withstands an attack from the rest of a Rookie.
Advent’s Officers are not to be underestimated. The inhuman soldier took a shot at Cap, distracting him as a Lancer sprinted close and sunk his blade into his gut. As the Pink shotgun clattered to the ground speckled with Cap’s blood, my squad’s will collapsed. Upon seeing an experienced soldier and squad leader fall was too much for my rookies. They panicked, one sprinting to nearby cover with his weapon firing wildly as he ran. He was fortunate because one of his wild shots struck the Captain in the helmet and he crumpled. The other rookie, who bore a remarkable resemblance to Snake Pliskin and stood closest to Cap when he fell, dove away. He too fired his weapon wildly as he ran but his shots only pockmarked the pavement, staggering the murderous lancer.
Determined to complete the mission and preserve the rest of the squad, Specialist Squaddie Stephen “Particles” Babb rushed in and put a billet between the eyes of the Lancer. Seeing the soldiers fall restored the rookies’ will and shook them from their panic. Babb rallied the squad together and urged them forward. They advanced as one.
Working together they confronted the final Viper led unit and took out their Lancer before it could get to close. Rookies again took to the flanks as Babb held the center. The Enemy did not remain idle. The Viper struck, using her elastic snake tongue she yanked Pliskin to her and coiled around him, crushing him. Babb came to the rescue with a well timed shot that distracted the snake woman long enough for Pliskin to break free. Pliskin gathered himself and eliminated the final Viper with an point black shot up her snake like jaw, execution style.
The mission was successful though the cost was a high one. With supplies aboard Firebrand the squad returned to the Avenger with heads held high. They delivered a blow to Advent and soon they would be ready for more. For now they will rest their wounds and mourn their dead. The time for battle will come again and when it does they will be ready.
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