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Tag: shotgun

Pickups and Glory: Doom Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this livestream Highlight from DOOM(2016), Pickups and Glory. In this highlight I explore a map from DOOM’s snapmap feature, a user generated content creation tool and library. The first map I try does not disappoint.

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Livestream Highlight: Playing the Odds…Badly

Welcome back to XCOM 2! Today I have another tale of action, excitement, and turn based tension as I deploy my squad to the abandoned suburbs of Toronto to destroy an Advent communications relay.

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Livestream Highlight: Snake? SNAAAKE!

Welcome back to my XCOM 2 play through. In this highlight my squad is sent to recover supplies from an immobilized Advent caravan.  There, they encounter the snake like Viper for the first time and the luck of the Pink shotgun fails.

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