Super Geeks 26: Suicide Squad Review *SPOILERS*

Welcome back to Super Geeks! In this episode George, Anthony, Ross and Will are back to review Suicide Squad and discuss some other topics in the world of geekdom.
The show begins with George jumping right in with his impression of the Suicide Squad on his second viewing. In all he enjoyed it but he understands why there were some complaints. El Diablo particularly impressed him as a stand out character. He was sympathetic and relate-able more so than many of the others. Each character’s origin story was well done and gave him enough information to be invested in the characters as the plot moved on. In the end he feels that the editing is the film’s biggest drawback. Unfortunately the film felt sporadic or patchwork, like a portion of the story was cut out in order to meet time requirements or to lighten the movie’s overall tone. George stresses once more that he enjoyed Suicide Squad and that the movie felt better after a second viewing.
Anthony goes into his impressions by addressing  some criticism about Suicide Squad. The perceived disjointed nature of the film is due to the large cast and the need to flesh out each one in turn. Many of these characters have not been seen outside of their source material and therefore need a fair amount of exposition. In particular is Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, a fan favorite from TV and Comics. He felt the film would be better served if it focused more exclusively on Harley and the Joker. He enjoyed the film as it fits into the DC Cinematic Universe(DCCU) and its ongoing story.
George and Anthony discus how Suicide Squad fits into the DC CU as well as the character dynamics of the main cast. In particular George focuses on Will Smith’s Deadshot and how small his role was. Though Smith’s name headlined the film his character ended up feeling like a supporting role rather than a leading one. To George and Anthony Robbie’s Harley Quin and Jay Hernandez’s El Diabo stole the show. Another stand out role was Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller, the shady government official who assembled and mannages the Suicide Squad. George applauds her performance as an intimidating and powerful antagonist character.
Will breaks his silence with why he is not going to see the Suicide Squad. He is not a comic book reader and his superhero experience is primarily from the Marvel movies. He has no knowledge about the characters featured in Suicide Squad and no interest or curiosity about them.  This year’s summer movie season has been a series of disappointments to him. Why should he lower his standards and expectations to see a movie he has no interest in to begin with? Better to see the movie when it is on discount rather than see a substandard film at full price.
Ross is broke and can’t go see it yet.
George moves on to the next topic. Star Wars: Rogue One will feature many setting when it releases in December 2016. One of these setting is the planet Jetta. Rumors say that Jetta is a sacred site for the Jedi and home to the largest kyber crystal in existence. Kyber Crystals being a key component to light sabers and, if rumors are true, the core of the Death Star super-laser. George is excited by the news but Anthony, Ross and Will take the news with less enthusiasm. Anthony calls the rumor’s credibility into question and challenges George to cite his sources.
George segues into another rumor about a live action Star Wars TV series run by Episode 7 director J.J. Abrams. Again the hosts meet this rumor with skepticism especially when George cites the source of the rumor. This leads into a discussion about the tenuous nature of TV production and the challenges of creating a live action Star Wars show. Examples include Agent Carter, Firefly, and Terra Nova.
The next topic is the announcement of Man of Steel 2. This time George calls the announcement into question, saying Warner Brothers(WB) revealed it too soon. They should slow down and work out a pace that bast suits their needs instead of trying to keep up with Marvel. Ross jokes that the sequel is either a prequel or a movie featuring Bizarro. The hosts go on about WB’s apparent plan so far. They go back and forth about its merit and failure. For George, Wonder Woman is a prime example on how to do things right and goes on to gush about his excitement. The Hosts continue the discussion about Superman, his latest film iterations, and their complaints about how he is portrayed in the latest films.
Moving on to Star Trek Discovery News, Whoopie Goldbirg said she would be willing to appear in in the upcoming series if asked. The hosts all feel differently about the news with the consensus being, “Meh.” Further discussion includes teasers by show-runner Bryan Fuller on twitter.
The final topic is a discussion about the recent release of No Man’s Sky, its development, launch, and user feedback.
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