Livestream Highlight: Lucky Pink Shotgun!

The forces of Advent Flee in terror of the Lucky Pink Shotgun!
Welcome to another livestream highlight from my twitch channel. This clip features XCOM 2, a turn based squad combat action game from Firaxis.
My squad is sent in to extract a VIP from an Advent controlled building. I’m concerned at first as my squad is made up of rookies. Thankfully my veteran leader is equipped with a very powerful special weapon, The Lucky Pink Shotgun! This shotgun, while bright, in imbued with an unquantifiable ability. Its mere presence is said to turn the tide of battle and send advent running for cover. Its said that bearer can survive any engagement. Is is XCOM’s Excalibur, it is Crescent Rose, it is the Sword of Khaless.
Once XCOM was a paramilitary organization with strict doctrine and discipline. Now it is an underground resistance loosely organized into independent cells. Uniforms are a thing of the past and many soldiers choose to customize their look to be flashy, baroque, or even fear inducing. Squaddie Arne “Cap” Schmidt Is a veteran of five engagements and one of the flashy ones. He is the first to bear the pink weapon. Its legacy began with his first engagement as a rookie where five Advent troopers fell to his pink assault rifle and bedazzled grenades. After that battle he was promoted to Squaddie, assigned to the Ranger corps, and issued a shotgun. Thus the pink shotgun came to be.
What laurels will the bearer of the shotgun win in future battles? What heights of infamy will the weapon’s legend reach? The Pink Shotgun’s story is just beginning.
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