Nuclear Sword of Fire and Lightning! – Sunset Overdrive Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this highlight from Sunset Overdrive. In this highlight the player embarks on his first self actuated mission, to forge a nuclear sword to impress a woman! Keep reading for a short fiction based on the clip.

If you’ve been watching me(creepy) you know exactly what I’m about to say.

You can say it with me! We go on three, OK? One…Two…Three… Fuck My Life!
I’ve been running errands, collecting trash, killing monsters, and putting up with every single lazy son-of-a-bitch in this city for I can;t even remember how long now. And for the FIRST TIME I’ve been able to do something because I wanted to. Ok, we needs the Las Catrinas to get inside Fisco so we can expose the company for unleashing the OD on the city but damnit if I didn;t just want to do something because I wanted to do it. And what do I get for my efforts? Not a damn thing.
It wasn’t easy either. I had to find an armload of titanium, which is rare by the way. Then I had to fight through a lot of OD to get to it on top of a damn skyscraper. After that I had to fight even more OD to get to the nuclear power plant so I could hear, melt, and forge the metal into the blade. Then I had to fight a bunch of Scabs when I was trying to temper the blade. After all that I had to sharpen it on the metal of 100 Fizbots! I worked hard on this. I busted by ass to make this sword! What more can you want from a weapon? Swinging it hurls fireballs at your enemies. Anyone it strikes is electrocuted. Its so bad ass!
But after all that work, all that effort, all that killing, what do they say? No thanks, we’ll roundhouse your temple, throw you out, and discharge your sword so its just a sword. FUCK MY LIFE!

Thank you for watching and reading.

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