A Bloodstained Rescue: XCOM 2 Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this highlight from Xcom 2. In this video I get a little overconfident and nearly loose my squad.

Some lessons just need to be learned the ward way. Then, sometimes you need to learn that lesson more than once. Then again there are time you need to be reminded. Overconfidence is the folly of many a tactician and strategist and all but the most perfect machines are human and prone to error. I erred.
A string of easy victories lulled me into a sense of false self confidence. VIP rescue and recovery missions are often the most difficult due to their time sensitive nature. Coupled with the addition to Advent heavy units such as the Sectopod and Gatekeeper it creates a recipe for disastrous failure.
I came very close in this mission. A reckless advance and a bit of bad RNG caused half my squad to panic in a vital moment. It was nearly a wipe. Thankfully, I caught another stroke of luck and was able to pull my squad out with the VIP rescue at the last second.
The gatekeeper is a game changer. With the ability to deal significant single target damage, moderate AOE, and reanimate multiple corpses it is a significant threat and obstacle. I have yet to work out a solid strategy to bring the unit down aside from massed fire excluding all targets. The only weakness I have found is its vulnerability to EMP damage. Even with that knowledge it is a task to take down a Gatekeeper especially whe it is accompanied by a squad of soldiers.
My current nightmare scenario is encountering a Sectopod and Gatekeeper at the same time. Combatting both of those units and their escorts would likely end in disaster for me.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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