Livestream Highlight: Holy Dangling Batmobiles!


Batman Arkham Knight
Developed by Rocksteady Studios
Published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment
To see the full playthough live follow my Twitch channel. Past broadcasts are kept for two weeks and highlights will be posted to my Youtube channel as well as this site.
In this clip I dive (read dangle) into Arkham Knight once more. This time I am solving one of the Riddler’s mind warping deathtrap puzzles while suffering his egotistic and insufferable banter. If there is anything this Riddler loves more than building deathtraps and obstacle cources it’s listening to the sound of his own voice. He loves to taunt and hint and gloat as I fumble about in his latest attempt at displaying his vast intellectual superiority. It takes me a moment to determine the basic mechanics of the puzzle. Once it dawns on me it becomes a fun and engaging exercise. So far the Riddler has tried several different ways to stump me and this was far from the hardest. The most difficult trail for me was the first one, a simple circuit time trial with moving walls.
What is the Riddler’s game here? Well, long story short, he has Catwoman captive with an explosive collar around her neck. Batman must solve these puzzles to gain access to the nine keys needed to free her of the collar. By the time I get to this puzzle she is down to three keys left. Boy is she going to be angry when I let her out. Pray for Riddler, because Catwoman is going to come after him.
Originally broadcast 19 July 2016

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