Super Geeks 23 Master Vader

Super Geeks has returned with Episode 23: Master Vader.
This week George, Anthony, Will, Ross, and Sunsehal talk about all things geek and there is no shortage to things to talk about as the first day od San Diego Comic Con International is in full swing. The show begins with introductions and a some talk about the beginning of Comic Con, Anthony’s zombie leg, and Necronomi-con(a festival of dark music, art, and lifestyle for the wonderfully unusual, macabre, and strange in New York)
George moves on with his opinion and impressions of the new Ghostbusters movie. His opinion of the marketing campaigns leading up to the film was poorly executed but he enjoyed the film as a whole. He feels it was funny and well worth the price of admission. As an added bonus he received free drinks from the theater after mentioning he was a podcaster at the box office. He goes on to talk about specifics, citing a better origin story for the ghost busters and better action by the proton pack wielding ladies. In addition to the four leads he feels the cast performed very well. He especially enjoyed Chris Hemsworth’s air-headded buff boi secretary. This carries on into the sad affair with Leslie Jones and the hateful comments and messages she has received seemingly as a result of the movie. The discussion wraps with some discussion of other ghostbusters series and games including a favored Ghost Busters Fan production.
The discussion changes topics to the Netflix Original series, Stranger Things. Will takes lead on the discussion of the series detailing his likes and dislikes. Anthony draws many parallels the story with X-Files and Super 8. In several cases the show surprises the hosts in how characters that seem to defy typical characterizations and archetypes. The discussion squirrels into a discussion on remakes and adaptations in film, TV, and books.
George brings us back on track with the report of a rumor on the possibility of Batwoman, Constantine, and Oracle are going to appear on the CW’s Supergirl TV series. Speculation and reaction cascade for a moment and George elaborated on his thoughts and hopes for the characters in the growing DC/CW shared universe. He goes on to express his hope that more prominent characters like Batman will eventually make an appearance. Everyone agrees that the Island flashbacks in Arrow are annoying. The conversation goes into Comics and superheroes in general. We touch on the introduction of new characters, the death of established characters, and the dynamics of story resets and reboots. With the impending reality altering events of Flashpoint in the Flash TV series and Supergirl the conversation to other series like Legends of Tomorrow.
Star Wars takes center stage next as George details the biggest news from the Annual Star Wars Celebration. The first on which is the reintroduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn into the new expended Universe. The character was debuted in the trailer for the Disney XD’s animated series, Star Wars Rebels as a primary antagonist. In addition Timothy Zahn, the author that originally introduced the character in the novel trilogy Heir to the Empire is writing a tie in/introduction novel about the character, simply titled, Thrawn. Thrawn dominates the topic as each host shares their enthusiasm for his reappearance. George gushes at the reveal of Tom Baker, the fourth actor who portrayed the Doctor of Dr Who, will make an appearance in Rebels as well.
Rogue one follows as the latest trailer also debuted at the Celebration event. We touch on how different how the trailer feels from the previous films as well as who we want to see in the film that hasn’t been shown yet, Grand Moff Tarkin features heavily. Many of the characters features seem to differ from the usual archetypes seen to Star Wars so far and their differences consume the conversation. The biggest difference is the change to the opening title crawl.
Ross and Sunseahl kick off the next topic with the gaming community’s latest scandal. Valve’s Counterstrike Global Offensive(CSGO) skin gambling rings. Several major twitch streamers have been hit with account bans and C&D orders by Twitch and Valve due to illegal trading and gambling in weapon skins in CSGO. These streamers owned and manipulated websites devoted to the trading, betting, and selling of digital weapon skins for their own benefit “earning’ thousands of dollars a month. With no disclaimers that the sites being used were owned by them the streamers face multiple violations to FCC regulations and possible jail time.
Ross rounds up the episode with some LLP announcements including updates on the latest livestream highlight of Batman Arkham Knight and an interview with Film maker Stephen Weese.
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