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A Character Profile and painting overview of Acolyte II Seth Valentina in Yusakar

Acolyte II Seth Valentina in Yukasar
The Initiate by Franz Vohwinkel as featured in TRO: Jihad

Seth was typically a suspicious man. The tumultuous history of Near-Terra space left him feeling disillusioned with higher authority, both secular and divine. The Word of Blake was no different than any organization that claimed to keep the peace and establish order, Their Protectorate was as domineering as any Inner Sphere Power as far as he could tell. But Seth was vulnerable when Blakists rose to prominence within the Free Worlds League. With no family to speak of and his job unceremoniously terminated as the League tore itself apart, he had no path and no purpose. The perfect state for a Blakist recruiter to reel him in.

Seth enlisted in the Protectorate Militia stationed on Irian and quickly qualified as a MechWarrior, much to his surprise. He was assigned an Initiate(INI-02) named Yukasar. He initially resisted the faithful, politely declining invitations to prayer and worship but over time his compatriots wore him down. Prayers alone did little to stir Seth, they were empty platitudes and rote recitation of ancient words written by long dead men. But the sermons of his Choir’s CO, Precentor Omry, slowly eroded his armor and filled his aching heart with the purpose and community he so badly wanted. In no time at all, Seth became a zealot. He obeyed orders without question or hesitation. His fury in battle matched only by his devotion to his Precentor and Blessed Blake.

He died in the final defense of Irian, screaming combat devotions through a wicked true believer’s grin as his beloved Precentor launched a scorched earth nuclear barrage.


 The INI-02 is one of the more ubiquitous mechs in the Blakist order of battle, though not the most famous. A reliable trooper, it was indistinguishable from the many others in Seth’s Level 2 and Choir formations. They were a legion of faceless and anonymous uniform white mechs, marching, fighting, and dying as one till the final fiery end.



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♬ original sound – Ross

Paint Overview

The armor base coat is a neutral grey and highlighted in glazed white layers. Weapons and their mounts are base coated in green-grey and highlighted in neutral grey.  Mechanical joints and armor embellishments are base coated in copper and highlighted with gold. A thin brown wash was applied to the model with additional layers applied to the lower legs.

The base is built up with milliput putty, debris, and texture paint; painted with dark greys, browns, and red oxide ink to create an urban ruin setting.

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