Reginald VanJaster in Red Reaper | Battletech Character Profile and Mini Showcase

A Character profile and mini painting overview of Reginald VanJaster in Red Reaper

Reginald VanJaster
Reginald and Red Reaper’s Alpha Strike Card

Reginald VanJaster was once a starry eyed and ambitious MechWarrior eager to prove himself among the gladiator circuits of Solaris 7. His Red Reaper, a Black Knight(BL-X-KNT), specifically modified for the Game’s unique methods of combat. He found some success in the lesser circuits and earned a relatively comfortable lifestyle for himself and his wife, Melissa. The bookies and commentators called him capable but not skilled enough for the prestige circuits, not yet at least.

His stars would change in a way he never expected when the Jihad arrived on Solaris. In 3068 the Word of Blake launched Operation SHOWTIME, a campaign meant to take the planet and turn the games and their associate interstellar media empire into religious propaganda. The invasion took the world by surprise and threw Reginald’s life into disarray. He and his wife fought the Word of Blake and their cronies across the planet on behalf of various groups; he in his Mech and she underground.

By the end of the occupation in 3071 Reginald’s skill was honed by countless battles and he became an icon of the resistance, though he swore to no single organization, drawing the eyes Blakist counter insurgency.  In their efforts to stop him, they found Melissa instead. As the Blakists prepared to abandon the world they tortured and executed her out of little more than spite. The brutal loss of Melissa sent Reginald into a spiral of sorrow, rage, and hate. He turned his fury against what remained of the Blakists. He showed no mercy, left no survivors, trailing fire and ash in his wake.

Fear the Reaper
File:XTRO Most Wanted.jpg
As seen in XTRO Most Wanted

Reginald followed the Word of Blake off world and pursued them on his own deep into their Protectorate. He hit many targets with brutal intensity and massive destruction, lost in a berserker rage of grief. In the chaos of the war even his indiscriminate frenzy was overshadowed as Devlin Stone’s coalition of nations closed in on Terra. But even after the Word’s destruction Reginald’s rage would not wane. He turned his gaze to the nascent Republic of the Sphere and the government formed on Terra and in them, saw little more than the Word of Blake Reborn. He continued his furor, striking vulnerable convoys and patrols with no mercy, remorse, or concern for civilian casualties. In those first years of the Republic with little means to police their annexed territory, Reginald raged unchecked resulting in many an unclaimed bounty.

His ultimate fate is unknown. Both Reginald and Red Reaper disappeared in the Early Republic Era, leaving a legacy of Glory, Madness, and Death.


Gladiator, Rebel, Death Dealer Character profile of Reginald VanJaster from XTRO Most Wanted #battletech #battletechtok #battletechcommunity #battletechminiatures #mechwarrior

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