Urkhoteph, The Tallest | Warhammer 40k OC Adoptable

A character profile and painting overview of a customized Necron Overlord, Urkhoteph the Tallest.

Overlord Urkhoteph, the Tallest
Urkhoteph The Tallest

Urkhoteph was born into a small client kingdom of Pyrriha, 5th in line to the throne. From an early age he strove to be the biggest person in the room, be it in presence if not stature. This constant overbearing insistence grated on his betters and he soon found himself assigned to oversee remote insignificant holdings to keep him far away from court. Urkhoetph relished the chance to lord over his holdings, seemingly oblivious to their insignificance and did no more harm than good, all things considered. Despite his boisterous self assuredness he was a sound tactician and found many victories on the battlefield against rival dynasties. As his own dynasty waned in power, he held firm, an island in the storm.

After biotransferrence his emphatic confidence became almost unbearable and few willingly fought beside him. He demanded his crypteks assist in altering his new Necron form to match his ego and status, He would be the tallest among his peers. When the C’tan were broken at the end of The War in Heaven He was entombed among his holdings on the farthest reach of his kingdom, much to his fortune. Calamity visited his Dynasty as 10 thousand years of warp storms distorted and dislocated the throne worlds and its core client systems. Urkhoteph slept till Anrakyr the Traveller arrived to stir his world from its slumber. With his former Phaeron’s aid he awakened what remained of his dynasty.

The 41st Millennium
Anrakyr the Traveler

In the 41st millennium Urkhoteph rules over a broken and disjointed Dynasty. His holdings encompass a highly unstable region of space rife with warp rifts and infested worlds. With few resources available, Urkhoteph concocts grands schemes aimed at destabilizing and weakening the occupied worlds in his realm. He leads many of these endeavors himself and though some are successful, most end up a grand misadventure. While he may fool stuffy and inbred imperial autocrats, the forces of chaos are not so easily overcome. Demons, especially, are a mystery to him and his campaigns against them most often end in terrible failure. But losses do not daunt Urkhoteph. Each failure is a rung on the ladder to his inevitable victory, as he would say.

“I am Urkoteph the Tallest! And I fear not…the meat. Now, come closer, so I may poke you with my staff.”


A character profile of Urkhoteph the Tallest, Overlord of the Tachyon Mire. an Adoptable OC! #minipainting #warhammer40k #warhammercommunity #ebayminiaturerescue #necrons

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Paint scheme

I acquired this miniature second hand via eBay. It was base coated in silver with a copper accent and fluorescent green accents. Those coats were thin and the brush strokes were visible on the flat panels. I gave the body a few more coast of grey metallic paint to smooth the color and touched up the copper. I also went over the warglave with a dark-to-light metallic gradient and finished it with Warp lightning contrast to create a metallic green effect. For the gems on the shoulders and Tachyon Arrow I added a highlight of green grey and washed them with a phalo blue ink and gloss varnish. I further shaded the silver with a thinned down Druchii Violet and highlighted the copper with Polished Gold. For a final accent I used Talassar Blue contrast and Phalo Blue ink to add a subtle glow to the ribs, eyes, and mouth.

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