Hauptman Goda Haris and Barwolf | Battletech Adoptable

A character profile and painting overview of Haupman Goda Harris and her Battlemech, the Wolverine(WVR-9R) Barwolf

Hauptman Goda Haris and Barwolf

Goda’s pedigree was not uncommon the Lyran Society, even during the so called Dark Age. Her father, a Duke and executive for Haris Metalworks, bought her admission to to the prestigious Nagerling Millitary Academy and guaranteed her rank and position upon graduation. Despite middling grades and mediocre performance, she succeeded and assumed command of the 23rd Lyran Regulars’ 3rd Company stationed on Clinton. There she served in an unremarkable capacity for a short time. Then Clan Wolf and Jade Falcon invaded. The Clan’s blitz toward Tharkad, the Lyran Capital, took everyone by surprise, her unit especially caught flat footed. For a time it seemed like nothing could stop them. Haupman Haris and her unit fought hard along the border of the new Wolf Empire, fighting a losing war but selling every meter of ground at a high cost of life and steel from both sides. With Clinton lost her unit holds on Eidsfoss, ever vigilant for the next Clan Blooding raid. When they come she, Barwolf, and the 23rd are never found wanting.

Barwolf Origin

 Rather than select a notable heirloom from her family’s armory, Goda sought to restore an old machine and make it her own. Old chassis are not uncommon in the inner sphere, rather they are plentiful thanks to the Republic of the Sphere’s Drawdown treaties after the Jihad. Even a world like Clinton held many mothball yards filled with decommissioned machines. Barwolf, a Wolverine, was different. It was a wreck. A casualty in the final battles in Lyran space during the Jihad. Restoring the machine was a challenge, one Goda relished. She, and a handful of well paid techs, poured many a long day and sleepless night into. Barwolf became a WVR-9R, a formidable medium striker that combined speed and range in a devastating package.

“Yes, my pedigree bought my position, but my skill kept me alive. Doubt me at your own peril”Haupman Goda Harris


♬ original sound – Joseph Ross Bullock

Paint and base scheme

I primed this mini in black with grey highlight and drybrushed in lighter grey and white. Its base colors are Citadel Contrast Talassar Blue, Liquitex Titanium white, and Apple Barrel black. The color scheme is based on the parade colors of the Lyran Commonwealth, 2/3 blue and 1/3 white with black accents. After base coating I began drybrushing highlights with base colors mixed with Vallejo game color Steel Grey. The weapons are highlighted with Vallejo Model Color Green Grey and Neutral Grey. For the Missile ports I used Liqutex Acrylic Ink Naphthol Crimson. For the cockpit canopy I used Golden High Flow Acrylic Fluorescent Orange highlighted in white.

The model base is decorated with fine grain ballast, aquarium pebbles, and 3D print support strut based in black and drybrushed in grey, brown, and red oxide.

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