SuperGeeks is Back! SDCC 2018 Reactions

SuperGeeks S2 E1 “Season New”
SuperGeeks is back after a long Hiatus just in time for all the exciting news from SDCC 2018(San Diego Comic-Con)! In this episode, George, Sunsehal, and TimmyD gush groan and pick at all the news, leaks, and trailers from the event.

Season 2 Episode 1 SDCC 2018


George Silsby
Timmy D

Super Geeks has been on hiatus for several months due in part to George’s unavailability. But now he’s back and ready to take the reigns once again.

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George kicks off the discussion by asking Timmy about his thoughts on the trailer for Star Trek Discovery season 2 and his thoughts on Ansem Mount’s portrayal of Captain Christopher Pike. Timmy likes the casting but is unsure about the show’s design choices.
Sunseahl and Goerge disagree and discuss the parallels and possibilities of linking the design

Captain Pike from SDCC 2018 trailer
Anson Mount as Captain Pike

of the classic series and this latest iteration with a focus on Uniform changes. The discussion goes on into other casting announcements as well as the mystery of Spock, who is cast as well as his status in the story.
Sunseahl coins the term Treknobabble

Dr Who and the New Changes

George changes topics to the trailer for the new season of Dr. Who starring Jodie Whittaker. He managed to see the leaked footage from the SDCC 2018 panel and askes Sun and Timmy about their impressions of the first female doctor and her portrayal in the new trailer.
Timmy immediately relates her design to Tom baker’s version of the character but also draws comparisons to the latest actors like Matt Smith. Otherwise its too early to say. George observes a sense of nurturing and kindness from her but Sun and Timmy point out some possible influences from gender stereotypes.

The New Sonic Screwdriver

George can’t help but bring up the new design for the Sonic (Dildo)Screwdriver and the minor drama he caused by posting it.
This sparks a discussion on handheld designs in Dr. Who and Star Trek. They also go on to talk about all the different variations on sonic devices seen in the series.
Things divert back to Star Trek briefly, its hard not to as everyone here are gigantic Star Trek Fans. What does Prime Trek taste like Timmy?

Clone Wars Returns

George moves on to the next subject, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars resurrection! Lucasfilm announced that The Clone Wars was returning after being canceled shortly after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. The beloved series is returning for a single season of 12 episodes detailing the Siege of Mandalore.
George touches on other Star Wars series in the works including the anime-styled Resistance. George doesn’t know the difference between Anime and Hentai.

F*** Batman

The next topic of discussion is DC’s new lineup of series for their DC Universe subscription service including Titans and Batwoman. Timmy leads off with his thoughts on Batwoman and the greater “Arrow-verse” on the CW channel. This includes the incorporation of Gotham and CW’s management of their DC inspired shows.
The Titans trailer itself is received with skepticism due to the trailer’s grimdark gritty tone and DC’s tendency toward darker themes.

Ambrosia and Music

The final topic in the episode is a shameless self-promotion. George is producing a Dr. Who audio fan production called Ambrosia. Ambrosia is a former Time Lord companion who is made into a Time Lord in the midst of the last Time War.
We go on with Timmy about his work and experience as an independent composer.
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