Nightmarchers: The Hawaiian Post Apocalypse

Nightmarchers is an open-world post-apocalyptic action-adventure RPG developed byWyrmbyte. At the time of publishing, Nightmarchers is being crowdfunded on Fig with 12 days remaining in the campaign.

Paradise Lost

The Great Thunder has destroyed much of Oahu. From this cataclysm, the demi-god Kamapua’a has risen and gathered a ravenous raider army to dominate the whole of the island. Four splintered factions struggle for survival among the ruins and spirits of the dead openly wander the wasted land. It falls to Kai, the grandson of a powerful Kahuna, to restore order from the anarchy that exists today. Lead the survivors to retake the island from the pig god. The choices you make will forever change the world of Nightmarchers.

If you’re familiar with my blogs and my Twitch channel you’re probably aware of how much I enjoy Open World adventures. From Batman: Arkham City, and Sunset Overdrive, to Watchdogs and Horizon Zero Dawn I love to explore, discover, and play in these massive sandboxes. Then I stumbled upon Nightmarchers.
Nightmarchers is an Open World RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Hawaii on the Island of Oahu. I was instantly taken with the concept because I lived on Oahu, stationed in Pearl Harbor, for over 10 years. In that time I became enamored with the unique modern and historical culture of Hawaii and Polynesia. Nightmarchers takes inspiration from that culture and integrates it into an experience I’ve never seen before.

Signal Boost

The game is currently in Pre-Alpha development and is running a fundraising campaign in Fig. Unlike Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Gofundme, Fig is a dedicated game development crowdfunding platform with many successful projects including Phoenix Point(Which I’ve raved about before). I really want to see this game completed so I’m going to boost their signal here and everywhere else.
You can follow the game’s development on Fig, the Nightmarchers Facebook Page, and Twitter.
Follow Wyrmbyte on YouTube and Reddit.

So what does the game have to offer?

Overgrown Ruins

First and foremost, Oahu. The Island is faithfully recreated in the game and is significantly larger than others in the genre. Many landmarks remain, like Diamond Head Mountain, Hanauma Bay, and Waikiki Beach but cities and towns like Honolulu, Kaneohe Bay, Wailua, and Pearl City lay in ruins. The potential for exploration is immense and I for one am chomping at the bit to see what kind of world Wyrmbyte is creating from the ashes of my memories there.

Gods at War

Kamapua’a isn’t the only deity inhabiting the island. The pantheon of Hawaiian mythos, Akua, are present in Nightmarchers and grant special powers to your character. So far the trailers showcased the Fire goddess Pele, War god Ku, Death god Milu, and Demigod Maui(You’re Welcome). These Akua grant you fantastic powers and abilities like summoning spectral weapons, possessing enemy soldiers, conjuring mini volcanoes, and taking the form of a hawk and shark!

Consequences of Survival

There are four factions struggling for survival in the ruin of Oahu, each with their own ideology, goals, and special skills to teach you:

  • The Oahuans were local residents, both native and Haoli, who banded together and thrived thanks to their farming and hunting skills.
  • The Ali’i are descendants of the Hawaiian Royal family who return to the old ways and the old gods for survival. The Akua rewarded the Ali’i with greater strength and toughness beyond the average human.
  • The Lava Dogs are all that remain of the once substantial US Military presence on Oahu. These Marines possess the most advanced firepower on the Island but their manpower is limited.
  • The Research Institute(TRI) is responsible for causing The Great Thunder by creating a rift between the physical and spiritual world in search of a new energy source. Though much of TRI was lost in the cataclysm the survivors continue their research. They survive utilizing their advanced technology and weapons.

NightmarchersAs you liberate outposts from Kamapua’a’s raiders you grant their control to one of the four factions. This decision will impact the story and the environment irrevocably. However, there aren’t enough outposts to go around, nor the skills granted to you by these factions so choose wisely.
Nightmarchers looks amazing and I hope this game is a great success. But first, it must be funded! There are 13 days left in the Fig crowdfunding campaign so I encourage you to go take a look and pledge if you are able. If not then spread the word! Share this post and their Fig page, follow Wyrmbyte on social media and boost their signal!

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