Getting Lost in Space: No Place to Hide Part 1 & 2

Watch part one and two of No Place to Hide, Getting Lost in Space’s inaugural two part discussion about the un-aired pilot of the classic TV show!

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Getting Lost in Space is a retrospective discussion about the classic TV show that inspired a generation. Marc and I will be re-watching all three seasons, reflecting on each episode, and comparing out impressions of each one.
Marc and I previously talked about Lost in Space in our interview about his biography series, Irwin Allen’s Lost in Space. Listen to the interview Here. In that interview we talked about the show in general terms, going as far back as the events and conditions that led to the show’s creation.

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No Place to HideIn the videos above Marc and I discuss the original pilot of Lost in Space, an unaired episode called No Place to hide. We cover the background of the pilot’s creation, the major plot points, and our scene by scene impressions. We talked for so long I ended up splitting the discussion in half in order to make watching it more digestible. But if you want to watch or listen to the both at once, you can! Episode 2 is publicly available today! You can watch them at the links above or listen on Mixcloud via the link below.

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