The Lego Adventures of Big Dude and Lil Dude

Watch Big Dude and his Lil Dudes as they explore the wild worlds of the Lego franchise. 
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The LEGO Adventures of Big Dude and Lil Dude is a series of game play videos featuring Big Dude, two Lil Dudes and a Dudette. Their goal is have fun, play together, and explore various LEGO worlds over the summer and beyond.
Big Dude is a big fan of the Lego franchise of games. He plays them often and occasionally streams on Twitch. So far, his library includes Lego Dimensions, Lego Batman 3, Lego Star Wars, Lego City, and much much more. Destroy, Build, Destroy is the name of the game and he and the Lil Dudes enjoy with gusto.
In his inaugural video Big Dude and the Lil Dudes introduce us to Lego Dimensions, Lego’s Toys-to-Life game, on Xbox One. They use the game’s starter pack which includes Batman(Lego Justice League), Gandalf(Lord of the Rings), and Wildstyle/Lucy(The Lego Movie).

Lego Dimensions

Lego Dimensions was released in 2015, developed by TTGames and bublished by Warner Interactive. While other toys-to-life lines, like Disney Infinity, have diminished Lego Dimensions is going strong with a large library of story, character, and fun packs available. At E3 this year even more were announced with no end in sight. The line includes characters from every major WB property from DC Superheros to Harry Potter. Of course that includes the breakaway successes like The Lego Movie. Their library also includes licenced characters such as Dr Who and The Simpsons.
Big Dude has Big plans for this series of videos that span the length of the Lego franchise so check back often for more videos and updates on his adventures with the Lil Dudes.

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