Getting Started – Tyranny First Impressions

Watch my first livestream session with Obsidian’s RPG Tyranny and read my first impressions below.

Playing Your Role

Role Playing Games, be they tabletop or otherwise, most often follow a hero’s journey. Stalwart warriors who face the terrible evils of the world and vanquish them. Their efforts usher in an era of peace and prosperity for all. This is not one of those tales. For centuries the armies of Kyros the Overlord have swept across the continent. No paragon, no hero, no power on this world can resist his will.
The player takes the role of The Fatebinder, an agent of Kyros. You are tasked to aid the armies of Kyros in quelling a rebellion in the Tiers, the final conquest of the continent. Failure will be punished by the eradication of every living thing in the region.

Lets be Bad Guys

Two things intrigued me about Tyranny is its premise. It features a classic style top down perspective reminiscent of classic RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, Ultima, and Fallout. It also features an evil campaign, a novel idea seen rarely in modern. Together these aspects piqued my curiosity. It was only a matter of time before I acquired the game and tried it out. A Head on Humble also helped.
My first experience in Tyranny began as it does in any RPG, with a long drawn out character creation. Character customization was fun and offered some interesting options. I decided to go with a pit fighter. His name is Nothing(Suggested by twitch viewer Kingnothing7619). Born to a nameless whore, sold and raised raised in the pit to fight and die for the amusement of others. He fought and killed for years, undefeated. In time he killed enough to win his freedom.

Conquering the Tiers

Following character creation come Conquest, a origin prologue detailing the Conquest of The Tiers, the game’s setting. I’m presented with a series of choices that will determine the course of the conquest and my standing with the two occupying armies. Though I tried to be even handed, I found myself leaning toward the Elite Disfavored over the undisciplined horde of the Scarlet Chorus.
All this took the better part of an hour, as expected in an RPG, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The starting region was an interesting experience as well but I’ll save that for a later article. You can watch me play on Thursdays on my twitch channel.

Thank you for Watching and Reading!

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