Gods of Eukon Ep 5: The Plague Doctor

Gods of Eukon Ep 5: Scheduled to Die is now available for the public! Watch it here now.Gods of Eukon is a post apocalyptic RPG set on a forgotten planet in the far undefined future. In Gods of Eukon Ep 5: The Plague Doctor the caravan encounters a maked man carrying a foul charge and bearing ill tidings.
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The Story so Far

A group of strangers set out from the village of Craterton to guard a caravan en route to the trade city of Pains Pike. Ideally the trip takes three days and the road is usually quiet. But a raider gang is active in the region and the Caravan owner, Richard Ferman, wants additional protection for his property.
An ancient Withered named Gangren leads the caravan and drives the lead wagon. Gome, a massive Fessic Uber Mutant, drives the second wagon.

On the Road

The Caravan leaves earlier than intended, thanks to the silver tongued Phinneas Bogg(George Silsby) and enjoy a relatively quiet first day. They use that down time to get to know each other as best they can.
In the second day, they come upon the bridge over the river Brownwater only to find it destroyed. The bridge’s caretaker, a chipper robot designated ZX-1701, explains how raiders came in the night and destroyed the bridge and their radios. The party decides to head south to a river ford.
Wrex(Jim Cushman) and Gome blaze a trail though rough foliage and wild flora until they reach a clearing and old ruins. They are ambushed in the ruins by Hive Borer Worker insects. They fight off the workers and investigate(loot) the ruins.
At the river ford the party decides to caulk the wagons and float across the river. The task was no easy feat and Wrex nearly drowned in the process. The Party manages and continues down the road.

Previous Episode

Progress is halted back on the road by the sudden arrival of a radiation storm, forcing them to take shelter. From the storm come a pair of acolytes, followers of Kulau, the god of life, death, and rebirth. Kulau is the wielder of the holy fire that scoured the world and keeper of the glow it leaves behind.
The acolytes do not linger and continue following the path of the storm. The Caravan camps for the night and the end is in sight.
What else is in store for the caravan and the party? Watch and see in Gods of Eukon Ep 5!

Thank you for reading. I’ll see you in the wasted wilds.

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