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Pokemon Rusty is an animated spoof based on the classic Nintendo game.  The series follows Rusty, an aloof aspiring trainer, who’s enthusiasm is matched only by his incompetence.

Pokemon Rusty debuted as a segment in Dorkly’s Bits sketch series in 2011. The original three episodes popularity resulted in two additional seasons seasons followed by a two year hiatus. Popular demand continued to build and eventually Dorkly begged the creators for a final season. The full series run 18 episodes.
As with any parody, try not to take Pokemon Rusty too seriously. It is a light hearted series that pokes fun at nearly every aspect of the pokemon franchise. From small children wandering the woods unattended to poorly designed creatures, nothing is left unscathed.
At the heart of any Pokemon story is a child with a passion for adventure, competition, and of course Pokemon. They strive to overcome any and all obstacles with hard work, determination, and love. In time they face down every challenge with aplomb and grace.

And then there’s Rusty.

Rusty is a naive but ambitious 10 year old with dreams of becoming a Pokemon trainer. His headstrong determination cannot be deterred by trivial things like knowledge, empathy, and basic game mechanics. His ego tells him he can do no wrong so he sets off to achieve his dreams with minimal effort.
Pokemon Rusty was originally intended as a four episode skit series as part of Dorkly’s Bits series in 2012. But fan interest brought Rusty back for a second and third season with a delayed fourth to follow.
Unlike the source material, Pokemon Rusty is not a show for children. The series’s target audience are the kids who grew up with the original game. Adult humor, pot and innuendo, are used liberally. The series is also a bit bloodier that the original game though the violence is used for comedic effect rather than any sort of shock factor.
In all, Pokemon Rusty is a fun series with a few good laughs. At a total run time of 47:29 its a small time commitment and worth at least one viewing.

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