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Getting Lost in Space is a retrospective discussion about the classic Lost in Space TV show. Marc is a childhood fan of the show and author of a three volume biography on the series. I am a relative newcomer who’s only experience with the show is a few fleeting glimpses during a sci fi channel marathon.
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The Beginning

I met Marc during Creation Entertainment’s 50th Anniversary Star Trek convention in June 2016. My friend, and host of the G&T show, Terry Shull introduced us and we began conversing about his new book, Irwin Allen’s Lost in Space. Marc has been writing for a long time and his resume includes print and film. His most popular work to date is These are the Voyages, a three volume biography about Star Trek The Original Series.
As our conversation closed I asked if Marc would like to record an interview about his new book to which he happily agreed. Three months later we met via google hangout and spoke at length once again. Marc is a very fun person to talk to. Just give him a subject and he’ll be off like the Energizer Bunny. You can find that interview right here. Afterward we continued talking about Lost in Space, Star Trek, and his potential writing projects for the future.

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It was in this conversation that Marc came upon the idea for an episode by episode discussion of Lost in Space. I really liked this idea and over the next few months, a delay caused by a cross country move, I prepared.

Get Lost in Space

Getting Lost in Space is the result of that effort. The goal of this series is to look back on this classic TV show and experience it from two perspectives: The nostalgic childhood fan, Marc, and the virgin, Me. Together we will explore each episode and share our thoughts, impressions, and memories.
The first episode, part one of two, covers the un-aired pilot of Lost in Space: No Place to Hide. We talk about the events that lead up to the pilot and the differences between it and the show itself. You can watch it first on my Patreon! I hope you enjoy it, let us know if you do by leaving a comment.

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