Black Site Demolition: XCOM 2 Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this highlight from XCOM 2. In this highlight we return to to the battlefield as my squad fights to take down an Advent Black Site to stall the insidious Avatar Project. Keep reading for a short fiction based on the game.

There are days where I feel like I am trapped in a fever dream. This world, this fight, this…life is not what I wanted for myself. I never imagined loosing the first war but we all saw it coming. It happened so fast. We couldn’t overcome the alien’s technology. Their armor and hides were too tough and our weapons couldn’t penetrate. Their weapons were too effective and they cut though our soldiers like a scythe through wheat. They were everywhere and before we knew it the council was dissolved and the aliens laid siege to HQ.  Our defenses were useless but we fought none the less. The last thing I remeber was looking down the sight of my sidearm and putting a round through the eye of a Muton. Then the rifle but came down on my temple and everything went dark.
I slept for 20 years, a captive of the aliens. In that sleep I was put thought hell. I relived the war over and over again, my mind running though tactics and strategy over and over, never the same way twice. I don;t know how many times I fought the war, I won, I lost, I waged an eternal battle in my mind against the unknown opponent. Then I woke up at last.
The world is so different. The aliens are in control. Their government, Advent, is the law and we are the criminals, the rebels, the insurgents. I wouldn’t have it any other way. What they did to me, what they used my mind for is tied to a project known only as Avatar. Nearly all their resources are tied into this project. That makes it our duty to stop it. This isn’t the world I wanted, its nt even the world I imagined. But it is the world I live in now. I will do everything I can to stop Avatar and reclaim this world for all of us.
To that end and until we find out what Avatar is we need to delay the project. My rescue dealt a serious blow to them but it did not stop them. Advent utilizes specialized Black Sites across the world to further the project. Demolishing these facilities is essential to delaying them. But it is not easy task. These sites are hard targets with heavy defenses. None the less, my soldiers stand ready to do what is nessisary

Thank you for watching and reading.

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