Voyage of the Doomed: Sunset Overdrive Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this livestream highlight from Sunset Overdrive. In this highlight The Player must keep a barge made of garbage afloat in a final desperate attempt to escape Sunset City. Keep reading for a short fiction based on the game.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.
Fuck my life!
Its become my refrain. A refrain following a verse of me picking up other people’s garbage, literal garbage and figurative garbage problems. “Oh no! I need something but I’m too afraid to go find it myself.” “I’m to lazy to anything for myself, you do it for me.” “I’m agoraphobic!” “I’m an idiot who did something stupid and I need you to fix my circumstances.”
But now, at long last, I have a chance to get the hell out of this pit of winy idiots and needy do-nothings. My ticket out of this stinking arm pit of a city is ready to be cashed. My hours and hours of doing things for others has paid off. Ignatious followed though on his end of out deal and built me a boat…sort of. Its actually more like a pontoon barge. But it floats and that’s whats important.
But, like every other plan I’ve been part of, there is a catch. For some inexplicable reason, the OD don’t like self propelled watercraft and are hell bent on sinking my new boat. So, in addition to fighting off OD I have to scavenge for repair part. And by repair parts, I mean trash. Fucking Trash! My entire life seems to revolve around picking up trash. I started this horrible story picking up trash. I spend hours and hours picking up or cleaning up people’s trash, and now my very survival, the end to the torment of residing in this city is dependent on my ability to collect trash.
Fuck my life.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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