The Wrath of Fargathia: Sunset Overdrive Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this highlight from Sunset Overdrive. In this highlight the player allies with a troupe of Larpers who take their roleplay very seriously. Keep reading for a short fiction based on the clip.
Gather ’round ye unwashed peasants and serfs of Fargathia! Gather and listen to a tale of Glory, Courage, and Sacrifice. This is the tale of our Kingdom’s most revered knight, Sir…um…Sir… hey, what was his name again? What do you mean you don’t know? If I knew I wouldn’t be asking now would I? Fine, I’ll wing it. ahem
This is the tale of The Champion!
He came to us in our most dire hour in the wake of the Night of Terrors. Our King, mighty Ignatius, was stricken with a terrible ill and could not rise from his bed. The Champoin, selfless and acting not at all in his own self interest, aided us in vanquishing the evils that besieged our Kingdom.
He led the charge against the foul goblinODs that roam the dark woods of Fargathia, breaking the foul ocher tide and bathing the soil in their bright neon blood. Their bulbous bodies pave the ground between our keep and the border of Sasquatch and Friends…yes, I know there’s a canal between us and the hipsters but it sounds better than the Japanese Culture Museum. Besides I can’t stand Troop Bushido’s holier than thou attitude. Even the terrifying and lumbering Herker could not stand before him, his mystical weapons and his impractically building style!
He stood against the marauding bands of pillaging outlaw scabs who pilfer our Fargathia’s greatest treasures. With Uncanny speed and deadly magics he glided great circles around their soldiers. With terrible accuracy he delivered swift fiery death one explosive teddy bear at a time. Their king sought to challenge him upon the rails but The Champion was born of that Iron and no one can best him on the tracks. Our eternal foe met his end at The Campion’s hands.
He stood fearless before the nefarious warlocks of the Fizzle-king. Their arcane eyes are everywhere, voyeurs of the worst kind! No move can be made without their watchful gaze falling upon you. But this knowlege did not hinder our Champion. He strode into battle…yes I know he grinds on powerlines and rails but I’m trying to be poetic here…and carved a terrible swath of destruction, littering the ground with their cold metal bodies.
Truly, he is the greatest of heroes, the noblest of knights, and the paragon of Fargathian virtue. Wherever his travels have taken him, he will forever be remembered in the hearts and minds of our people. A cheer for The Champion! Now, if you enjoyed my tale, please show your appreciation with a kind donation…hey, where are you guys going? Really, not a single tip from any of you? What the hell kind of Bullshit is this!

Thank you for watching and reading.

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