You Wanna Cook(Amps)? Sunset Overdrive Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this highlight from Sunset Overdrive. In this highlight the player must frantically defend vats of boiling Overcharge from the ravenous hordes of the OD. Keep reading for a short fiction based on the clip.
If I didn’t say it before, I’ll say it again. Fuck. My. Life. Seriously, what the hell did I do to karma to deserve being stuck in this stinking crack-hole of a city with so many lazy, idiots, morons, jackasses, monsters, and killer robots? I know I’m no saint but I’ve never been an ass to someone who didn’t deserve it. Like those idiots on terror night, before they mutated into the OD they were all being jerks. Have you seen the kinds of messes people make when they’re wired up on energy drinks and tequila? Preschoolers are more tidy.
Terror night, when the shit hit the industrial sized fan. Fizzco put on a huge event to promote their new drink, thousands of people packed into the amphitheater and spilled out into the surrounding street side block party. It felt like the entire city was there, and I was picking up their trash.
I’m still picking up trash but now its called scavenging and I need to do it to survive…and because all these idiots keeps asking me to do things for them. And I agree to do every idiotic task without hesitation. Why do I never say no? Take Floyd, for example. They guy is crazy with a capital K. Its the end of the world, he could do anything he wants. Instead he builds vats, boils overcharge(which lures hordes of OD that I have to fight off), to make some intangible object that makes me look and feel like an absolute bad ass.
Well, when I put it that way…
No, its idiotic! Its insane to lure a ravenous mob of monsters into out only safe place just to cook up some thing that will make flames shoot from a rail I’m grinding on…burning any nearby enemies…sending them running and screaming…nevermind, I want that. Floyd, lets cook some amps!

Thank you for watching and reading.

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