For the Love Of: Gamadin Author Interview

Welcome to Live Love Play and this Interview with the acclaimed author of the Gamadin novel series, Tom Kirkbride. In this interview we talk about Gamadin, the writing process, accelerated reader, and the struggles of a self published author. Keep reading for the interview’s transcription.

Southern California teen surfers Harlowe Pylott and Matt Riverstone ditch school to body-surf the killer waves at the Wedge when their fun is interrupted by a yacht capsizing from rogue wave. After rescuing the famous movie star Simon Bolt and the half-alien socialite Leucadia Mars from certain watery death; Fate, unbeknownst to the boys, has sent them on the most perilous ride of their lives. Robobs and the undog are only the beginning. Savage Dakadude alien killers and horrifying black beasts have swooped down from the heavens looking for the galaxy’s most powerful weapon: an ancient Gamadin spaceship, Millawanda.

If the Daks cannot capture Her, they will kill her while she is still weak and unprotected . . . along with the Earth and anyone else who gets in their way! Care free boys and privileged aloofness must give way to hardened determination as the characters grow into their destiny, to become Gamadin.

Writing has never come easy for Tom, nor was writing his original calling. Stubborn determination saw him though the difficulties of the first few pages. To quote Charles Shultz, writers block is for amateures. He writes every day to keep his skill sharp and to push though any blocks.

Tom also talks about the difficulties in self publishing. Writing, editing and publishing are challenges but they are only the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of the effort needed to make self publishing successful is marketing, getting the word out, and promoting your books.

 The series is currently five books long with a sixth on the way in the coming year. The first book has been adapted for audio play by Audio Comics and a screenplay for film has been written. The future of Gamadin is bright with plenty of fun to look forward to. Visit Tom’s page for more information on the author and the series.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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