Super Geeks 32: Rosspoint Flashpoint

Join us as we discuss the Flash season 3 premiere, Flashpoint, Rebels, Wonder Woman being bisexual, Luke Cage and more.
Something’s wrong? People are missing? Is The Flash altering the timeline? No, wait, everything’s fine, all conditions normal.
The show begins with introductions. George, Anthony, and Will are here but Ross is away doing God knows what on the way to the American Midwest. Hope he enjoys Corn.
George kicks off the show with an announcement. A new audio production called Witchcast being produced under Live Love Play. The show follows a Witch who hosts a Frasier style Podcast giving advice and guidance for people dealing with the supernatural. Though her efforts are well intentioned there are consequences for shining a light upon the denizens of darkness.
Next, the hosts talk about the season Premiere if CW’s The Flash. George is ecstatic that his favorite series is back but Will’s enjoyment is marred by several continuity errors he noticed in the episode. The episode features the beginning of the CW version of the popular Flashpoint Paradox and may lead into their take on “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”
Will and Anthony continue with their complaints about The Flash as a character. In the last two seasons Barry has shown little growth and continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. This lack of growth hurts the show overall and prevents Will and Anthony’s enjoyment of the series.
The next topic is Star Wars Rebels latest episode. Will Hasn’t seen it. In the episode Maul returns and threatens the crew of the ghost, demanding the sith holocron from Malechor and Kanan’s Jedi Holocron. Anthony enjoyed it but is not enthusiastic about Maul’s continued survival after being cut in half in The Phantom Menace. George elaborated on Maul’s story in between the first prequel and this appearance in Rebels, earning dissent from Anthony and Will.
Wonder Woman’s sexual orientation comes next. George brings it up first, surprise, and asks the other host about their thoughts. The consensus is, this surprises you? The conversation spins off into Comic characters sexuality focusing a bit too long on She-Hulk.
Luke Cage comes next. Each of the hosts are at different stages of binging. SPOILERS Will kicks off the discussion with his impressions and each take their turn. In particular the hosts enjoyed the music most of all.
The final topic of discussion is the rumor about Disney potentially buying Netflix. Anthony begins with addressing the pros and cons of that acquisition. Will and George carry on the discussion and debate what a disney owned Netflix would look like and drawing comparisons with other Disney owned properties. But to reiterate, it is only a rumor. The discussion spins off into Netflix vs Amazon and the competition between them.

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