Super Geeks 29: Ross's Big Break

Welcome to Super Geeks Episode 29: Ross’s Big Break. In this episode Ross live-reads his auditions for a role in the Mass Effect Andromeda, and George reviews “Wonder Woman ’77” a retro Linda Carter era comic by DC, and more!
The skit falls flat as the show begins. George recaps the previous episode and fails badly at a joke or two. Anthony talks about how sick he was, saying he was in the grave and buried up to his chest. George gets the episode number confused a few times as he introduces himself. The rest of the hosts introduce themselves in turn.
Ross kicks thing off with an announcement from Bioware. They are holding an open casting call for two roles in their upcoming game, Mass Effect: Andromeda. They are accepting auditions in either audio or video format. Selected auditions will be brought to Bioware’s studio to record their lines and they will, of course, be paid for their work.
Anthony asks Ross to do a live read from the released script and he agrees. It takes a minute to bring up the script and Anthony and George banter as Ross find the files. Ross reads the Tough Mercenary role first to a mild reaction. The hosts like his read of Jordan Tate better. Anthony doesn’t think Ross can sound tough enough to be the Merc.
George brings up the latest promo for Agents of Shield and the introduction of Ghost Rider. The teaser is short and doesn’t provide much information. Ross and George cover Ghost Rider’s origin and speculate on the implications on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They continue to speculate about how this season will play out.
The Marvel themes continue with Netflix’s Luke Cage and the Defenders. Luke Cage comes out September 30th and the hosts are looking forward to it. They also address the rumors of The Punisher making an appearance in Agents of Shield and the next Avengers.
Black Lightning’s show on FOX comes next with George giving a synopsis of the character’s origin and powers. He is enthusiastic about the series’ potential. Will brings up Fox’s penchant for canceling promising shows. George counters saying CW would pick it up if FOX lost interest.
Anthony thinks videos of cats getting brain freezes is the funniest thing in the world.
In Star Trek Discovery news, Ross details the announced five month delay.The delay was made at the request of EP Bryan Fuller. According to the press release Fuller and his staff want the extra time in order to meet the quality that the fans expect rather than compromise and release a substandard product. Taking its original time slot is the spin-off to The Good Wife.
George brings up Ryan Potter’s audition video for the role of Robin in the new Ben Aflek Batman movie. The hosts agree that he has the skill to physically pull off the role. However, Ross brings up that the video was unsolicited and released to the public. George tries to convince the hosts that the video is no different than the Deadpool test footage but Anthony and Will convince him otherwise.
George reviews Wonder Woman ’77, a retro comic series in the style of Lynda Carter’s Womder Woman TV series. The comic takes place in the 70s and pits Wonder Woman against a variety of baddies with a colorful disco flourish. The Comic is serious with some light hearted moments. The series has over 20 issues in its run so far and appears to be going strong.
Ross runs though a few headlines for the week. Tim Drake’s Robin joins the ranks of dead(but not really) Robins. Rebirth is causing trouble for the Superman family as there seem to be three different Supermen running around. There is also a non powered Clark Kent and three Super Women. This sparks a long discussion on the nature of so many Kryptonian-like powered people. This further devolves into a discussion on the nature of Superman’s bodily fuids. NSFW warning.
Ross continues with headlines, detailing the release of The Bioshock Collection. Will enjoys games but is not a fan of thriller/horror genre titles. Anthony, on the other hand, loves horror and watches it to get to sleep. The hosts speak briefly about what they like and don’t like about suspense, thriller, and horror. This leads into Don’t Breathe and its premise.
George carries the conversation into the web series Mr Pickles, a comedy series about a murderous pet dog, his misadventures, and the grandfather trying to expose him.
Ross brings up another headline with the news about the Stan Lee Spy movie. The hosts respond with bewilderment at the idea.
Will brings up the colossal flop in the Ben Hur Remake. Serves them right for trying to outdo Charelton Heston’s Masterpiece performance.
Ross wraps the show with the announcement of Blizzard VP of Franchise Development, Chris Metzen’s retirement.

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