Tribute to Friends Gone So Very Wrong-Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love play and this highlight from my Worms Clan Wars livestream. In this Highlight I take my team of Worms, named after my friends, to fight an opposing team. Things go badly quickly and what is supposed to be a tribute goes very wrong.
Note: I apologize for the audio quality in this video.
I’ve enjoyed Team 17’s Worms games since the late 90s beginning with a free demo of Worms Armageddon. The Worms series are turn based squad tactics games where little cartoon worms sling fantastically overpowered weapons at each other. The main objective, of course, is to eliminate the other team.
Customization is the game’s best feature with maps, worm teams, and match rules can be changed to fit the taste and whim of the player. For this highlight I created a team of worms named after my friends(and patrons) from Busy Little Beaver Productions. Terry, Mike, and Nick are named after the hosts of The G&T Show, Allan is their emotional support, number cruncher, and mate of Terry. Janice is the host of the upcoming Art podcast Fine Details. Janet is the host of the upcoming fandom podcast Semantic Shenanigans.
In this highlight I pit my tribute team of friends against the Kunoici Killers.  For this match I select Full Wormage mode, every single weapon and item is available with no cool-down or use limitation. I make good use of the many ridiculous weapons to inflict a few good early hits. Sadly, my aim is less than pinpoint and important throws are missed. The Killers take advantage of the faults in aim and inflict a painful multi-kill on my team.
Explosives wreck the terrain early on, creating a large gap between my team and theirs, adding to my disadvantage. The game comes down to a one on one duel between the teams. The worms lobbed projectiles, missiles, and sheep at each other with little success. The final blunder was my own. I tired of throwing, guessing, and hoping and wanted to get in for the close kill. So I brought my last worm in close via jetpack, rage and determination in his eyes. That rage clouded his judgement as he tossed a holy hand grenade beside his target with no means of escaping the imminent blast.
With the last worm’s death came the end of the match with my team defeated. But the game is far from over and there will be ample opportunity for redemption. The game will go on and so will the endless slaughter of cute cartoon invertebrates.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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