For the Love of…Television: E.J. Del la Peña Interview

For the Love of..Television is back, recorded live from the vendor’s room at Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary convention.
In this interview I am joined by E.J. Del la Peña talking about his new TV project, Nobility. E.J. began his career as a child actor on television and in movies. He appeared in shows like Boy Meets World and movies like Jingle All the Way. As CEO of his production company, Cowboy Errant, E.J. is creating his own shows, the latest project being Nobility.
Nobility is a Sci fi/Action/Comedy/Space Opera featuring an all star cast. The cast includes Walter Koenig best known as Chekov from Star Trek the Original Series, Tony Higginson, Doug Jones from Falling Skies, Chris Judge from Stargate SG1, James Kyson from Heros, Vic Mignogna from Full Metal Alchemist, and Adrianne Wilkinson from Xena.  The pilot is completed with marketing is in full swing. Screenings are taking place at conventions all over the country. The latest one at San Diego Comic Con and more planned for Salt Lake City Comic Con and Long Beach Comic Con.
Talks are in progress with many companies for a variety of formats for distribution. These formats include full run television series, short form mini series, and TV movie series. Care is being taken to work out the best deal so the series can have a successful run. There is no set run for the series but a five year plan is in place for future story possibilities.
For more information about Nobility visit the following links.
Nobility Official Site
Watch the trailer
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