Super Geeks 25: Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes

George, Anthony, and Ross are back with the newest news from Geekdom.
Ross is reporting in , live from the vendor’s room at Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Convention. He covers the sights of the convention including nearby vendors, attendees in costume, announcement rumors, and the overall experience. Overall his impression is positive despite the long lines due to added security. He goes on to talk about the immediate vicinity. He starts with BLB’s own G&T show booth and saying hello to hosts Mike, Nick and Terry. Neighboring the booth is Trek Radio, Star Trek Online, Star Trek Ascendancy board game, Air Hog’s Enterprise drone, and looming over the vendors room is MAC Cosmetics.
George asks whether or not any news from Star Trek Discovery would be released at the con and follows by asking what the crowd’s impression of Star Trek Beyond. George and Ross then engage in a discussion about the merits of Beyond as well as the pitfalls of Into Darkness.
Costumes come up next with Ross detailing the many kinds of costumes seen in the con. A variety is seen running the gambit of the series to original design and soft canon designs. Friends of the show comes next with Ross going on about some of the affiliate events including Adrianne Grady’s Critericon, a companion event celebrating the creative, innovative, and artistic.
Next we move away from the con and get into the main topic of the episode. A fan petition has been submitted to Warner Brothers to shut down review aggregate site Rotten tomatoes. The petition began because some fans think the poor opening week for Suicide Squad was caused by negative early reviews published on the site. The merits of a site like Rotten Tomatoes.
Discussion about Suicide Squad follows with each host relating their impressions of the film. Both Anthony and George agree that it was a fun movie but it was not a great movie. In particular the story seems disjointed, like pieces of stories cobbled together.
George track back to last episode with news from Comic Con and the reveal of a new Blair Witch moving coming this year. He is very excited for it and reminisces about how much he enjoyed the original. In particular he recalls the marketing leading up to the original film and the many failed attempts to follow on it by other films.
The show wraps with a second look around the convention floor from Ross and a quick Harry Potter Squirrel.
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Joseph Ross Bullock @subsailor688
Anthony Battles @anthonybattles
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