Super Geeks 24: Beyond Discovery

Super Geeks is back with Episode 24: Beyond Discovery
George, Anthony, Will, and Ross dig right into the geek news of the week following introductions and social media promotion.
San Diego Comic Con International was last week and George immediately gushes about the release of the Wonder Woman trailer. Enthusiasm is reserved in the rest of the hosts as they site their caution of judging a movie by its trailer. In all everyone seems pleased by the sights and sounds of the trailer. A World War 1 setting is different and less explored than WW2. We draw some comparisons between the history of Wonder Woman to speculate on elements of the film including Origins and backstory for each of the characters. We explore out impressins of setting the film in WW1 and the differences in this setting vice WW2. We go on to talk about the character of Wonder Woman and our impressions of the character and how she will be seen in her own stand alone film.
The next trailer we discuss is the Justice League trailer. Of the featured characters Flash comes first. George voices his concern that even though the character is the same as the one portrayed on the TV series a different actor is presenting him. Will chimes in next with his dislike of the Flash’s costume, an armored Flash makes no sense to him. Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry or Aquaman comes next with mostly praise and satisfaction. We touch on Batman and Wonder Woman’s on screen chemistry and enjoy the banter between them. We backtrack to Wonder Woman again and talk about more of the trailer’s details.
Brie Larson’s starring role in Captain Marvel comes next. We touch on the many actresses who were speculated to play the role including Rhonda Rousey. The topic runs tangent for a moment into a quick discussion on Cloud Atlas before getting back to the subject. Captain Marvel’s rumored appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 and Ms Marvel’s Kahmilla Kahn.
Next we discuss the recent Controversy over the animated Batman: The Killing Joke feature. Ross went to see the movie and shares his impressions while the hosts comment of the issue of the “Horny Batgirl” story. In order to fill out the time needed to make a full length feature a chapter was added featuring batgirl and a sociopathic criminal. The controversy comes when Batman decides to take her off of the case and she fights back. In the ensuing fight she knocks Batman down and the fight turns to intimacy. Many commenters have focused on the single element of the story and ignored the rest and Ross does his best to illustrate the point. As for the film as a whole Ross liked it and recommends buying it.
The last bit of Comicon news comes in the form of the release of the test footage for Star Trek Discovery. As one may expect most of the hosts are bewildered and confused about the design of the featured starship. George and Will think the ship is hideous and it a poor representation of the direction of the upcoming series. In addition to the design they feel the CG in the trailer looks sub par compared to most modern TV. News that the series is going to be an ongoing story, like chapters in a novel, is well received by all. Further speculation goes on for several minutes.
From Discovery we move into our review of Star Trek Beyond.
George begins, saying the film is his 2nd favorite Trek movie and feels like the mos true to Trek movie he has seen. He rates it as a 9/10. Ross shares how he can relate the the feeling of ennui from long distance deployments. He refuses to give the film a numbered rating but says he will see it in theaters more than once. Anthony really enjoyed the film, in particular he loved the character of Jaylah. He rates it as an 8.9. Will disconnected in the middle of George’s review but voiced his interest in seeing the film. After the reviews the remaining hosts go into the individual details that stuck out to them most. Ross talks about the many call backs to the TV series Enterprise, George talks about the stand out Uniforms, and Anthony continues to wax romantic about Jaylah.
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