Super Geeks 22: The Science of Fiction


Super Geeks ep 22: The Science of Fiction is live on Youtube!
In this episode George, Ross, Sunseal, and Anthony are joined by our special guests and friends Michael Medeiros from the G&T show and Janice Cantano Kay from
The show begins with introductions of hosts and guests. We dive into the recent TV news with the reveal of Kid Flash’s costume in the CW’s Flash. Moving on we begin a conversation and interview with Janice about her experience as a geek, writer, and now lead editor for Science We find out that Janice has a special connection to Star Trek(2009), it turns out her son Evan played young Spock’s stunt double! We chat about what Evan has been up to before coming back around to Janice. She’s seen Star Trek Beyond! She is able to give us her impressions and reaction to the film and we all geek out over the positive glow she gives us. We branch out into talk about Sulu as well as the nature of the “Kelvin Timeline” of Star Trek.
The show moves on to another premier Janice has attended, Ghostbusters. After going on about the movie for a short time we move into games and specifically Pokemon Go and the craze its caused. The subject moves into revisiting our impressions of Star Trek Online’s latest expansion, Agents of Yesterday.
Michael, Anthony, and George have to leave early but Ross, Sunseal, and Janice stick around to talk on other subjects. The first of which is Ross’s recap of Summer Games Done Quick(SGDQ), a semiannual speddrunner marathon that raises money for charitible foundations such as the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders. We talk about speedrunners, glitches, exploits and games that embrace the glitch such as Axiom Verge and Perception.
We continue talking about some of the categories of games and competitions at SGDQ including Grand Master Tetris, Game completion races, and blindfolded game runs. We talk about the Mini NES console recently announced by Nintendo. We carry on into other odd Nintendo releases from Game and Watch to Virtual Boy.
The topic moves on into comics with the announcement of a young woman, Riri Williams, taking up the mantle of Iron Man from Tony Stark. Civil War 2 takes up the last segment of the show as we touch on the events going forward. We squirrel into some Trek talk before closing things out for this week.
George Silsby @chooch99a
Joseph Ross Bullock @subsailor688
Anthony Battles @anthonybattles
Sun Sunseahl Silverfall
Special Guests
Michael J. Medeiros host/Producer G&T Show
Janice Cantano Kay Writer/Editor

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