Livestream Highlight Batman: Arkham Knight

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Originally broadcast on July 15th 2006 Live on Twitch.

Batman Arkham Knight
Developed by Rocksteady Studios
Published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment
In this clip I dive back into Batman Arkham Knight after spending a week or two away due to emotional story trauma. But you have to climb back on the horse after you fall off, so once again I don the cowl and dive right back in to the Batmobile to plow through an enemy occupied Gotham City GTA style. I begin with a crash re-familiarization of the game controls followed by an encounter with a oversized automated tank and its siblings. The clip wraps up with Batman playing taxi for Poison Ivy, delivering her to the husk of a prehistoric tree/plant and a fun little jump scare by an old friend.
You can watch the recording of the entire livestream on my Twitch Channel. Tonight I tried something different with my preshow by airing the latest episode of Gates of Stovokor (Episode 3-2 Vengence is life!), an Audio Production I participate in as part of our Parent Organization Busy Little Beaver Productions. I may continue this with other Audio Productions in the future if there is enough interest.

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