Pickups and Glory: Doom Livestream Highlight

Welcome to Live Love Play and this livestream Highlight from DOOM(2016), Pickups and Glory. In this highlight I explore a map from DOOM’s snapmap feature, a user generated content creation tool and library. The first map I try does not disappoint.Doom is a historical game; the grandfather of Call of Duty, Battlefield, and even Overwatch. While Doom wasn’t the first First Person Shooter of its kind it is the first that set the bar. For a period of time it was a compliment to be called a Doom clone. Star Wars: Dark Forces is one of the most notable games marketed as a Doom clone.
While the third installment was a slight letdown the latest iteration is a breakout success. The single player campaign offers a fun challenge with a story that carries on around the player. The Multiplayer is solid and fun with enough variety to keep things interesting. But the most interesting feature to me is Snap Map.
Snap Map is a User Generated Content tool for players to create their own maps to share with the community. These maps can fill many roles from competitive multiplayer, co-op multiplayer or single player. The creativity of the community is impressive as evidenced by the hundreds of maps added every week.
There are many lists to choose from in Snap Map and narrowing down my interest is a necessity. Sorting the sea of maps is accomplished with map categories such as Single Player, Co-Op, and Multiplayer. Additional sorting uses author descriptions of the map and assigned hashtags. I decide on single player maps featured by the community.
The first map I try is Across Dimensions by user quxxo. Across Dimensions is a single player mini campaign of medium difficulty that takes the player in a path alternating between the crisp UAC labs on Mars and the dark and bloody cobblestones of Hell. The map itself is well structured in a linear path with few obstacles to interrupt the pace and flow of the mission.
The mission is challenging and fun featuring a variety of enemy with the more difficult enemies spawning in the latter rooms. Though the player starts with only the combat shotgun, more weapons are available for pickup as you progress though the map. The final room is a mad house of rampaging evil. I struggled and died several times but I wasn’t frustrated or turned off by the difficulty.
I enjoyed my first experience with DOOM’s Snap Map and I will be returning to see what other adventures I may find.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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