Super Geeks 23 Master Vader

Super Geeks has returned with Episode 23: Master Vader. This week George, Anthony, Will, Ross, and Sunsehal talk about all things geek and there is no shortage to things to talk about as the first day od San Diego Comic Con International is in full swing. The show begins with introductions and a some talk…

Super Geeks 22: The Science of Fiction

  Super Geeks ep 22: The Science of Fiction is live on Youtube! In this episode George, Ross, Sunseal, and Anthony are joined by our special guests and friends Michael Medeiros from the G&T show and Janice Cantano Kay from

Super Geeks Ep 20 "Audio Drama…Drama!"

Episode 20 “Audio Drama…Drama” In this episode of Supergeeks we announce our affiliation with Live Love Play, review Warcraft and Xmen Apocalypse, and have an in dept discussion with special guest Mathieu Blondin about audio productions. Hosts: George Silsby-@chooch99a John Hoagland– Will Holland-@intrinsicus Joseph Ross Bullock-@subsailor688, Live Love Play Special Guest: Mathieu Blondin-@captblondun

Welcome Supergeeks!

Welcome Super Geeks podcast to Live Love Play! Super Geeks is a weekly podcast created and hosted by George Silsby focusing on general geek subjects including Superheroes, movies, comics, and TV. With a recurring group of hosts and many special guests Super Geeks features lively discussion, hearty laughs, and the occasional shouting match. The playlist…

Announcing Live Love Play!

Welcome to Live Love Play! Who am I? I’m Ross Bullock but some of you may know me as Gingie from my occasional appearance on the G&T show or as the voice of Sskald from Gates of Sto-vo-kor. I’m a lifelong Trek fan, Geek, and Gamer with a love of creativity and creation. I’ve been…