Si-Ben-Bing Sjakie Zhi and Thanacth | Battletech Adoptable

Si-Ben-Bing Sjakie Zhi (Jackie)
The Capellan Confederation

After his primary education Sjakie enlisted in the CCAF and served in anti-mech infantry battalions along the Federated Suns border before being given the opportunity to become a Mech Warrior. He served with distinction and valor in the desperate fighting of the 4th succession war and used his experience to combat infantry assaults in the many fighting retreats during that conflict. Now he holds the line in a much diminished Confederation as the Inner Sphere grows distracted by the Clan Invasion. 

His WVR-6R(Thanacth) is ancient, a legacy machine that has stood the test of time, scarred by many a pyric victory and bitter defeat. Thanacth has been refit, repaired, and refurbished so many times that its history and its origins are lost. Because of this some whisper that it is a forgotten relic of the Star League. Thanacth and Zhi embody the Brawler role. They wade into the thick of the fight, striking down lighter ‘mechs by the score and distracting slower heavier targets.

“So long as Thanacth stands I will fight.” -Sjakie(Jackie) Zhi

Mini origin and Paint Scheme
A Ral Partha metal Wolverine

This mini is a Ral Partha metal scupt from 1989 and is part of the original “Unseen” run of mechs for Battletech. I primed it in black with a zenithal white highlight, Rustolium primer spray can. Its base coat is Warp Lightning Contrast paint from Citadel, Apple Barrel matte Black, and Vallejo Game Color Royal Purple. The highlights are base colors mixed with Vallejo Game color Bone White with additional highlights and blending using Valleho Model color Green Grey and Vallejo Game Color Goblin Green. The cockpit is based with white and layered with Golden High Flow Fluorescent Orange. This scheme is based on the official colors of the Capellan Confederation.

The 3D Printed hex base is decorated with medium talus, fine sand, and print support struts adhered with PVA glue. The base is painted with black, grey, and red oxide ink.

Adoptables are custom painted minatures and fiction for resale. This mini and its story can be yours, adopt your own today! Sold!

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