Gods of Eukon – Introduction and FAQ for an RPG Show

Gods of Eukon is a post apocalyptic RPG set on a forgotten planet in the far undefined future. In this blog I will introduce the show, its setting and its characters. I’ll also answer a few questions some may have about the show and how to find it.

What is Gods of Eukon?

Gods of Eukon is a tabletop role playing game(RPG) campaign similar to Dungeons & Dragons. Players come together and create custom characters to set out on an adventure controlled by the Game Master(Me). The players for this game include Terry Lynn Shull and Mike Medeiros of The G&T Show, Mario Rodrigues of Trek Radio, George Silsby of Starfinder, and Jim Cushman. Originally the game operated on the D20 system but in episode eight we convert to Fate Core.

The Setting

Gods of Eukon
The World of Eukon

The game takes place on the planet Eukon. It is a wasted world, consumed by greed, decimated by war, scarred by the remnants of the past. In their mercy, the pantheon scoured the planet, wiping away the corruption of the old kingdoms so that life may begin anew. Little remains of those kingdoms but churning storms of radiation and hollow ruins filled with ash. The world heals in the following centuries but the evils of the old kingdoms do not die easily.
I was inspired by several sources when I created this setting, chief among them, Fallout and Borderlands. Both are iconic games with a rich history and deep lore that can be easily overlooked in the quest for the next bright shiny. Gods of Eukon is a fusion of these ideas. The core rulebook I used in creating this game is Glutton Creepeer’s Exodus: Wasteland Adventures. In episode eight we convert to Fate Core, a setting agnostic system with a focus on character and story over system.

A Touch of Fantasy

My objective in creating an original setting was to make a post apocalyptic world and give it a hint of fantasy elements. Fantasy RPGs are often set in worlds with storied pasts and long dead civilizations whose influence is still being felt. I want to do the same thing in a regressed sci fi setting. So far I think I pulled it off.
The world itself is still very much a blank slate. As the campaign continues our heroes will explore this world and learn more and more about its past. The Gods will guide and influence them as they travel, some may be revealed to them, their natures and true identities laid bare. Not everything will be as it seems.


Human: Human beings are like cockroaches. No matter how many times an extinction level event occurs these resilient beings keep crawling out of the ruins and learn how to survive. The humans of the wasted wilds are the descendants of the original colonists who settled Eukon in a time before recorded history.
Fessic: These large lumbering mutants were originally engineered by the old kingdoms to be the perfect soldiers. These green(sometimes gray) masses of muscle and rage aren’t always the smartest crayons in the box but what they often lack in brain power, they make up for in brawn and determination.
Halvsy: Half Human, Half Fessic, all an embarrassing story. No fessic will admit to knowing a human in that way and few humans would survive such a coupling. Despite this, Halvsys are plentiful in the wasted wilds, human enough to know how to read, Fessic enough that you don’t want to get into an arm wrestling match.
Splicers: Splicers are humans with a little extra, animal and mutant DNA is woven into their genetic code by the mad scientists of the Ark. Some splice for fun, some splice to get ahead, some are spliced against their will. Whatever the case, once spliced, always spliced.
Whithered: Most of the time radiation exposure will simply kill you, slowly, and painfully. But add a mutagenic virus in the mix and it will leave you wishing you were dead and looking the part. Sure your devilish good looks are gone but hey, you’re practically immortal now.
Cyner: Once the product of old world science, a bio engineered human, an android. They were created to be slaves but now they are the heralds of the gods themselves, the divine presence made flesh and blood.

The Characters

Corva(by Terry Shull)

Generated in The Ark Ascendancy. Spliced by her Generators to possess stealthy attributes, they failed to take into consideration a recessive hidden gene that gave her fur – that didn’t make itself known until she reached puberty. As such, her talents were less than useful to her Generators – and she was rejected by her trainers and cast aside. She left The Ascendancy when she was 14, seeking new opportunities for those who might not care about her visual appearance. Little did she know that the challenges her features presented were far more difficult than she bargained for. Over the past three decades, Corva has found her way, usually alone, throughout most of the world, learning, remembering and becoming a scout, ranger, tracker for those willing to pay, and don’t necessarily mind the fur. After all – like most women (even secretly), she really does hate to shave.

Thurmadore Alkott(by Mike Medeiros)

Thurmadore “Therm” Alkot was born into the Techno-Reapers cult and was raised to believe that through technology, the world can be saved and be made whole again. However, the reality of the world made him question whether the world can be remade with the same technology that heralded its destruction. He began to question the leadership of the Techno-Reapers. Disappointed by their answers and the lengths they will go to obtain the tech they needed, Therm found himself an outsider among his own people. Unable to live with them any longer, he left the Techno-Reapers to find his own way in the world with what few possessions he owned, including a plain-looking key he wore on a chain around his neck that had been given to him by his parents before they died in service to the Techno Reapers.
Since leaving the Techno-Reapers, Therm has survived by taking the occasional odd job repairing broken equipment. He doesn’t charge a lot for his services, usually enough for food, drinks, or a safe place to sleep but will sometimes forgo his fee in lieu of a piece of much-needed equipment for a project he’s started building: his very own bug-out vehicle. People with vehicles had unprecedented freedom and power in this world. They were feared or respected, or both. For Therm, a vehicle meant a new life for himself far from the reach of the Techno-Reapers.

Brian Dango(by Mario Rodriguez)

Brian is a former swindler & gangster who grew up on the mean streets of Tiralia, the largest city in God’s Country(The most ironically named region on this whole damned planet). After a deal went sour he was betrayed by his boss, and sold to a splicer clinic. They tested all manner of splices on him, winding and unwinding his DNA until he could stand it no longer. A canine splice gave him the opportunity to escape and he took it, leaving an entire continent behind him.
Life continued giving him hard knocks but he weathered it with the grit and adaptability of his old profession. He traveled the world and as time passed Brian discovered his mutations slowed his aging process.
He’s turned his scoundrel skill set into a legitimate enterprise as a private investigator as he drifts through the wasted wilds.

Phineas Bogg(by George Silsby)

If there is something you need that’s rare or hard to find, Phineas knows a guy. He has many stories and many aliases. He’s changed his name so many times even he forgets what it was. Surviving in the world meant having a good mentor and he taught him: Rule #1 is “YOU are number one”.
His proudest scam was a mark in the Savior’s Army, acting as the “spokesperson”, or “sales agent” of the feral tribes of the wasted wilds. He embezzling the cult militant for a while making(and blowing) a small fortune. He even gave back to the people the Cult said they protected but didn’t. But all good scores come to an end eventually. They caught on to him and he fled in haste.
Each time he got caught he was forced to fight or flee, his skills sharpening with each town he drifted through. His personal code is “Living in hell doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing it”. He always has a plan. Even if it’s made up at the last minute.

Trautengton Wreckxicon III(Jim Cushman)

All he knows of his life before his mutation is his mutagen batch, T-W3-RD. The Fessic Horde was all he knew for over three decades. They trained him as a warboy, a foot soldier of the Horde. He excelled in his squad of Boyz, gaining rank, accolade, and knowledge. In those years he saw what the horde was capable of. He followed orders, killed, and looted without question or hesitation. Eventually, he had a change of heart. He wanted to do good things for the beings of Eukon instead of fighting, killing, and looting. Leaving the Horde is no easy feat often involving explosions, blood, and death. He left many bodies int he wake of his discharge. Since coming t

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civilization, then he has learned that his skills are in high demand and has been taking odd and dangerous jobs to reach his ultimate goal of helping people.

How Do I Watch?

Episodes will be released on a Bi-Weekly basis depending on player availability. They will be available first on my Patreon and everywhere else, YouTube and Twitch the following weeks. Eventually, I plan on live streaming the game. Links will be provided once we do.

Thank you for reading. I’ll see you in the wasted wilds.

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