Sex Swing The Animated Series- Bingeworthy Review


Sex Swing: The Animated Series is an episodic comedy reminiscent of Jem and the Holograms, Josie and the Pussycats, and Metalocalypse. Each episodes features a new adventure for the down-on-their-luck rock band and offers enough laughs to make every ten minute episode a fun ride.

 Now, Context

How far do you take a joke before it stretches too far? Never, according to Rooster Teeth(RT). They’ve made a name for themselves by taking self referential jokes and gags and turning them into original content. The best example of this is the RT Animated Adventures. Perhaps it was only a matter for time before Funhaus got caught up in the creative snowball effect. Who’s the next animated treatment? ScrewAttack? The Know? Who knows!
It began as an innocent Reddit Q&A session on the Funhaus YouTube channel in April 2015. Reddit user GhostBuster1011 asked the group what their 80’s rock band personas would be. Each answered in turn with their own imagined rockers before deciding on an appropriately rediculous name, Sex Swing. Six Months Later, in a promotion for Rock Band 4, Sex Swing Came to life in a pair of live action shorts featuring the band playing the game “in concert.” Each of the envisioned characters now possessed unique personalities, colorful costumes, and included a Manager and a Roadie.

Back to the show

Sex Swing: The Animated Series debuted in February 2017 and features all previously seen characters sans roadie. It ran six episodes over two months in a total run-time of over an hour. The series itself is follows an episodic format, reminiscent of old school Saturday morning cartoons, and ollows the band and their antics in and out of concert.
The style and format of the show can be jarring if compared to other Rooster Teeth and Funhaus productions. Funhaus in partcular leans toward vulgar and edgy commentary in their gaming videos. Whie Sex Swing does deliver in similar ways, especially in “Welcome to the Clam Jam,” fans who watch this series may be dissapointed.
The most enjoyable aspect of Sex Swing is the characters. Each band member is unique and based on a particular shtick. Tommy Steel is the beefy drummer that speaks in third person. Tha Schling is a loveable buffoon basist. James the Ripper is the English ladies man guitarist. Spunky Bruster is the efeminate lead singer. Each of characters has a moment in the spotlight in each episode, a chance to shine in glory or in imfamy.

About the Story

The writing for this first season is simple but fun. The perils of the day either resolve themselves despite the band’s actions or concequences explode in the band’s faces in spectaculr fashon. Sex Swing fearlessly faces armed highwaymen, a dilapidated water park, a lesbian rock festival, robot doppelgangers, and a mad used car salesman with all the skill and grace one might expect from a cartoon rock band.
In the end, Sex Swing offers a fun sideshow attraction that delivers on a few good laughs and plenty of quiet chuckling. It is the quirky and eccentric chrcters that are the highlight of the show and the reason I watched with a wide smile. A second season seem likely and I look forward to seeing what antics sex swing gets in to next.

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