Super Geeks 31: Superman's Grill

Welcome to Super Geeks Podcast Episode 31: Superman’s Grill. In this episode we talk about Star Wars Rebels season 3, Agents of Shield season 4, Superman, Supergirl, and more!
The episode begins with a fair skit that sparks a long tangent about Yoda Meeting Batman and why they brood so much. The hosts begin with a summary of their weeks starting with Ross. He laments the unbearable heat of Southern California and looks forward to moving to the midwest. Ross has to prod George to ask about Anthony before he gets carried away. His medical woes continue but he pushes forward with dignity. George is two weeks sober.
This is a good time to hold a geek podcast as Fall comes and the new season of Television begins. There is no shortage of subjects to talk about with new episodes being released every week. George in particular is a huge fan of the CW DC superhero shows which now include Supergirl.
George follows up on the recent news of Stan Lee’s next four Marvel movie cameos have been filmed. Ross is happy he is continuing his running joke in the movies while Anthony is more apathetic. George only liked the cameo where he got drink off asgardian spirits.
The conversation carries over into Disney, how it has managed Star Wars and Marvel, and reflection on just how big Disney really is. Comic book business follows with a quick discussion about behind the scenes events and the copycat nature of early characters, namely The Sentry.
Ross takes the lead with Marvel’s Agents of Shield’s latest episode. George and Anthony recap their impression of the season premiere before Ross begins his synopsis and impression of Episode 2, Meet the New Boss. He was thrilled by the episode and is very curious to see how the story continues to unfold. The main focus of the new episode is the New Director of Shield’s Introduction and they don’t disappoint. Will pops in mid discussion and offers his impressions as well.
George steps away for a moment as the rest of the hosts talk about the latest trailer for Supergirl’s second season. The trailer caught all our interests and the Superman cameo has us all excited. He seems to capture the character of Superman far better than the latest films with the exception of a messed up row of teeth. George voices concern that Superman may overshadow Supergirl in her own show but the others disagree.
George makes a different statement that sparks some disagreement with the other hosts.
DC hero crossovers take center stage as our hosts prep for the CW shared universe’s coming expansion with the addition of Supergirl. With her addition and the many references our hosts continue to speculate about who else will make appearance from the DC comic universe. George hopes to see one of the Bat Family, something that hasn’t happened since the 60s.
The final topic for this episode is the season premiere of Star Wars Rebels. George asks Will what his thoughts are and will promptly replies that he hasn’t seen it, causing the rest of the hosts to break out in laughter. George takes the lead and takes the discussion on a long tangent about the nature of the force. He and the other hosts greatly enjoyed the episode.

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