Kelph Ar, Warrior of the Mummified Undead | OPR Age of Fantasy Character Profile

The tragedy of Kelph Ar, a Mummified Undead of the Deserts of Tyria

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This character is inspired by Age of Fantasy, a tabletop wargame setting by One Page Rules

In Life…

In life, Kelph was a musician, playing his flute to the delight of all around him. He performed for pauper and prince alike accepting all tribute from gratitude to riches. His music took him across the breadth of Tyria; from his native Desert Kingdoms, to the Old Empire of the North, and even the dusky wooded Elven Realm. The melodies he played soothed anger, uplifted the sorrowful, and gave joy to the forlorn. In those final years of peace he was prolific and beloved.

The age of peace ended in cataclysm when the Havok Gods broke from their prison and conquered the Underworld, slaying or banishing the desert deities, and poisoning the river of death itself. Barred from death, the souls of the deceased were trapped in their own unliving bodies, helpless to stop their own withering. For a time Kelph traveled, using his music to bring a measure of hope to his homeland. But even he was not free of his people curse. Kelph used his wealth to preserve his body for as long as he could but as his lungs withered away, so too did his music.

In Death…

A musician no more, Kelph despaired. He retreated to his home and lay still, lost in despondency as the last of his flesh faded to dust. All that remained were his animated bones and the glow of his soul-bind stone. There he lay, as if entombed, for many years.

Kelph stirred from his torpor as a group living thieves raided his home. Seeing living human beings for the first time in and age stirred mixed feelings in him. But watching them pillage the last remnant of his life drove him to a maddened rage. He attacked with jealous fury, slaying the thieves with a ceremonial sword gifted to him long ago. Animated with purpose, He sought out their camp, intent on continuing his vengeance only to find it burning at the hands of others like him.

Kelph greeted the newcomers and they met him warmly. He invited them to his estate and they stayed for a time, sharing the events of the wider desert. They told him of the wars between petty despots, the predations of neighboring kingdoms seeking the riches of the undead, and the rise of the Tomb Queen. Her promise of bringing true death to the people of the desert captivated Kelph and he knew then what he would do.

In Search of a Final End

He returned to the city with the newcomers to present himself to the Tomb Queen and pledge to her purpose. Now, many years later, there is little left of the once beloved musician. His total effort is devoted to the will of the Tomb Queen and her promise. He is little more than a tool, a weapon, an instrument in the symphony of war.

Model and Painting

This model is from One Page Rules’ Age of Fantasy game setting in the Mummified Undead faction. It was printed on my Elegoo Mars 2 Pro and painted with a mix of Citadel and Vajeho acrylics, and Liquitex Ink. I painted this model live on my Twitch channel May 4th 2023. Below is the highlight of the livestream.

Final Thoughts

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