Nintendo Direct Sep 13 2017 | Thoughts and Impressions

Watch the Nintendo Direct Video above and read my coverage and impressions of the presentation below.

Nintendo Direct

The latest Nintendo Direct was published on September 13th, 2017 and showcased a whopping 25 announcements for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. The announcements for 3DS, in particular, made me very happy as its show’s Nintendo’s continued commitment to the mobile platform as a counterpart to the Switch.
This Nintendo Direct presentation begins with a short introduction by Yoshiaki Koizumi, the Producer for Super Mario Odyssey.

3DS Showcase Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The 3DS showcase game in this Nintendo Direct is Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The Ultra versions of Sun and Moon offer new areas to explore, new Pokemon to collect, new character customizations, and new Legendary creatures to tame. The game releases on November 17th.
In addition to Ultra Suna and Moon, The Gen 2 Pokemon games Gold and Silver are being re-released for the 3DS virtual console. Buying these games grants you special unique Pokemon for Sun, Moon, and Ultra games. No release date has been given yet but pre-purchasing is now available. The Pokemon news wraps up with the debut of the special Poke Ball edition of the New Nintendo 2DS XL.

I’ve never been a huge Pokemon fan(with the exception of Pokemon Go) so these announcements didn’t have a great effect on me. However, I am glad to see this series move forward and continue to satisfy its dedicated fan base. Pokemon is one of Nintendo’s most successful and recognizable brands and it is good to see the series receive another successful set of installments.

Headline 3DS Games

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga starts off the Nintendo Direct Headlines. Originally released for the Nintendo DS, Superstar Saga is an RPG adventure game starring the Mario Brothers as they journey to the Bean Bean Kingdom to reclaim Princess Peach’s stolen voice. This remake also features a new game mode, Bowser’s Minions, starring a courageous Goomba captain searching for their missing monarch.
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga is a favorite of mine, I was thrilled with the original game and its unique take on the world of the Super Mario Brothers. I’m very excited and I can’t wait to play it once again. The game will be available on October 6th,


Kirby returns to the 3DS in Kirby: Battle Royale, an arena fighting game where Kirbys face off in a fight for dominance. It features a variety of modes including single player campaigns to multiplayer brawls. In many ways, the game feels like Super Smash Bros in the top down view. This comes as no surprise as Kirby’s creator, Masahiro Sakurai, also created Super Smash Bros. The game will be available on January 19th, 2018

Yo-Kai Watch 2

Yo-Kai Watch is a creature collector RPG in the same vein as Pokemon. In Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters is the definitive edition of the game and includes new oni to befriend and new challenges to overcome. You can even import your data into the new game and pick up where you left off! I missed out on this game and don’t have much else to contribute but fans of the series should enjoy it. Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters will be available September 29th.

Professor Layton

Layton’s Mysterious Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy is a puzzle solving mystery game and the seventh installment of the beloved Professor Layton series. The game follows Katrielle, Professor Layton’s daughter, in her own mystery adventure. This is another series I’ve misses out on but it has a devoted fanbase that will thoroughly enjoy this new addition. The game will be available on October 6th, 2017


Minecraft, arguably one of the biggest games of the decade, comes to the New 3DS XL at last! It comes with unique texture and character skin packs and both creative and survival modes. I’ve spent dozens of hours in Minecraft over the years and I don’t regret a single one. It is a gaming gem and I’m very glad that it’s coming to the 3DS. Best of all, it’s out now on the Nintendo E-Shop!

Mario Party

Mario Party: The Top 100 is a curated compilation of the 100 best Mario Party minigames from each of the 10 titles in the celebrated series. It features download-and-play for up to 4 systems so you only need one cartridge to play with your friends. I’ve had some fun memories with Mario Party and this title looks like it could be a real blast. The game is available November 10th, 2017


Metroid: Samus Returns is a top-to-bottom remake of Metroid 2 Return of Samus for the Original Bame Boy. I cannot contain my excitement for this game. The Metroid series was given a great disservice in its previous releases but to see the game return to form in Sameus Returns makes me giddy in a quite undignified manner. The game releases September 15th, 2017

Atlus RPGs

Atlus is one of the biggest names in JRPGs and now they are finally releasing four of their best games to the West{Europe and North America]. The Alliance Alive(early 2018), Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth(Demo available September 13th), Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux(early 2018), and Radiant Historia(early 2018). Atlus rarely disappoints and I’ve enjoyed several titles published by the company.

Last but not least

Apollo Ace Atourney is a court drama mystery game, available November 2017. Fire Emblem Warriors, Dynasty Warriors x Fire Emblem, will be available on October 20th.


Wrapping up the 3DS segment of the presentation is the reveal of the orange and white edition of the New 2DS XL. All the power of the New 3DS XL just without the 3D screen. I’m happy with my 3DS XL so I’ll pass. The handheld will be available on October 6th, 2017

Nintendo Switch Showcase Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The first game in this Nintendo Direct Switch showcase is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a massive RPG set in the sprawling fantasy world of Alrest, a world wreathed in a great cloud sea. Massive beings called Titans reside in the cloud sea and human civilization is built atop or within the creatures. These nations either coexist with their Titans or dominate them with technology. The story follows a young scavenger named Rex, his friend Pyra, and the relatively small Titan Azurda. Together they quest for the legendary city of Elysium atop the fabled World Tree.
I’ve only recently started playing the original Xenoblade Chronicles and am intrigued by the game so far.Based on that I may end up picking up this game when I finally get a Switch of my own. The game will release on December 1st, 2017. In addition to the base game, a collector’s edition will be available featuring a soundtrack, hardback artbook, and a special metal game case.

Headline Games and Updates

Splatoon 2

New maps and weapons are coming to Splatoon 2. I’m very glad to see continued support for Nintendo’s newest IP and a very creative take on the shooter genre. The new map, Kelp Dome, will be available Friday, September 15th.

Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem gets the Dynasty Warriors treatment in this action brawler. An expanding roster of heroes spanning all the Fire Emblem games is summoned to fight an approaching evil. Heros form bonds on the battlefield and unleash blistering attacks that take down enemies by the hundreds. I love the Fire Emblem(FE) series and I’m currently playing Awakening on 3DS. The prospect of taking FE heroes tearing through hordes of enemies with iconic heroes using spectacular attacks is an exciting one. The base game, special edition, and unique Amibos will be available on October 20th, 2017.


Sniperclips Plus: Cut it Out, Together is a cute puzzle solving game where players must cooperate by carefully clipping segments from each other to resolve a stage. This re-release includes new content, stages, and modes for all your clipping and snipping needs. I love the concept of this game, its style, its sound, and mechanics make it a real stand out game. It will be available on November 10th, 2017 as a standalone game or as DLC for existing owners.

Morphies Law

Morphies Law is a curious competitive shooter where teams of shape-shifting robots fight to have the largest Morphie Avatar standing. Hitting your target makes their bodies shrink and yours grow. Changing body-part size changes ability, larger legs make you jump higher, smaller forms can pass through tight spaces. An avatar represents the combined size of the team, the team with the largest avatar at the end of the match wins.
I’m not sure what to think about this game yet. It’s the first I’ve seen of it and I’ve never seen anything like it. I do like the design of the robots, their bodies are painted Day-of-the-dead style. We’ll see. The game will be available this winter.

Rocket League

Rocket League’ is coming to the Switch but that’s not all! Unique toppers and cars based on Nintendo favorites are coming too. Top your car with a Mario or Luigi hat, drive a Samus Gunship themed car, or side with Red or Blue team to drive a Mario or Luigi themed car! I can’t dispute the popularity of Rocket League, it is a blast to play and I have no doubt it will be a perfect fit for the Switch/  Rocket League is coming to the Switch this Holiday season and supports local and internet multiplayer.
I can’t dispute the popularity of Rocket League, it is a blast to play and I have no doubt it will be a perfect fit for the Switch/  Rocket League is coming to the Switch this Holiday season and supports local and internet multiplayer.

Arena of Valor

MOBA comes to the Switch at last with Arena of Valor. Published by Tencent games,(Who own Riot Games and League of Legends) Arena of Valor boasts a hero roster of over 30 heroes and 5 unique classes. Game modes include classic 5v5, 3v3, one on one, and a unique hook wars mode!
With MOBAs saturating the market I don;t know if this one will take off. It has the advantage of being one of the only MOBAs available for the switch but the trailer showed me nothing I can’t find in LoL, DOTA2, HoS, or Smite. We’ll see when the game comes out this winter.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most enduring fantasy RPGs published by Bethesda Softworks. Now it’s coming to the Switch in all its open world glory and includes all DLC from Hearthfire to Dragonborn. The idea of playing Skyrim on a mobile platform is an exciting one. I’ve sunk an obscene amount of time into Skyrim and I would relish the opportunity to take the game with me on the go. The
The idea of playing Skyrim on a mobile platform is an exciting one. I’ve sunk an obscene amount of time into Skyrim and I would relish the opportunity to take the game with me on the go. The only question I have is if the game will support mods as it does on XBOX and PS4. It’s unlikely, I know, but modding is one of the reasons Skyrim has endured the way it has. The game will release on the Switch November 17th, 2017.


Doom rips and tears its way onto the Switch in all its gruesome gory glory! Devastate the armies of hell in single player and crush your friends in online deathmatch.
This announcement genuinely surprised me. With few exceptions, Nintendo takes a hard-line against anything M rated and Doom is as M rated as it gets. It never even occurred to me that there was a chance the game would be ported to the Switch. I am quite happy to be proven wrong. Doom comes to the Switch this Holiday season.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Another pleasant surprise is the announcement that Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is also coming to the Switch. Doom may be able to get away with its gore because the Doom Slayer’s enemies are inhuman demons. Wolfenstein, however, features very human enemies. Yes, they are Nazi humans but humans all the same. Like Doom, I didn’t consider the possibility for this port. Again, I’m happy to be proven wrong. My only concern is that there was no footage, gameplay or otherwise in the presentation. The New Colossus will be available in 2018.

Flip Wars

Flip wars is a competitive territory control game in the same vein as Go or Othello. Up to four players face off to cover the board in their designated color. The game is getting a new game mode, a new stage, and local multiplayer. The game is already available with the new update releasing free to current owners on the 13th of September 2017.

Arcade Archives

Nintendo arcade games are coming to the Nintendo virtual console starting with the classic Mario Bros! Compete, Cooperate, and win in this classic arcade style game. But that’s not all! More games from the arcade are coming soon including VS Baloon Fight, VS Ice Climbers, VS Pinball, and more. Mario Bros Arcade Archives is coming on September 27th, 2017.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is getting a new Amibo set including Mipha, Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa. Not only will these figures summon weapons and items but they will also summon unique headgear based on the character’s divine beasts. The set will release November 10th, 2017.
The set will release November 10th, 2017.

Sports Games

The big names in Sports Games are coming to the Switch. NBA 2k18(Sep 15 E-shop, Sep 17 Retail) and FIFA 18(Sep 29). For your Sports Entertainment needs WWE 2k18 Coming Soon.

Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament DX brings even more electric Pokemon fighting action to the Switch. The Demo is out now with the full game releasing on September 22, 2017.

Nintendo Direct Spotlight Game

Project Octopath Traveler

Embark on a journey spread across the world of Orsterra between eight very different characters. Each a different story, each a different path, an adventure all your own. Project Octopath Traveler is a new Original RPG from the developers of Bravely Default.
My first impression of this trailer is one of wonder and awe. The developers call their chosen style, HD-2D. Out of context that may sound like a reject star wars droid but in reality it is a beautiful combination of pixel art character sprites, a stylized 3d background, and radiant spell effects that come together in a beautiful tableau. It feels like a 2D RPG given depth, raided and elevated.
Then there are the characters, You are given a selection of eight characters to start with, each having their own path and story before coming together. Each one is distinct, having their own special abilities and talents. The two showcases; a warrior who can duel anyone, and a dancer who compels people to follow; offer a hint of what we will eventually see. Combat looks accessible and familiar but different thanks to the boost system. Development is still ongoing but the current release goal is sometime next year.
A demo is now available in the E-shop.

More Headlines and Updates


Arms has been a wonderful success for the Switch and the developers are continuing their support for the game with a new fighting stage, three new arms, and a new fighter, the clown-girl Lola Pop. Button remapping is also coming to the game at popular request. This update is free and available now!

Dragon Quest: Builders

It’s Dragon Quest x Minecraft in this survival RPG. Gather resources, build your castle and defend it against monsters. Coming in Spring 2018.


Kirby Star Allies brings you back to Dreamland once again. Use your new ability to befriend up to three enemies and combo your abilities to defeat your enemies and bring peace back to Dreamland. Available in Spring 2018.

Quick Indie Highlight Downloads

Steamworld Dig 2 available September 21st. Golf Story available in September. Nine Parchments Available Holiday 2017. Battle Chef Brigade available Holiday 2017. Tiny Metal(no release date given). Super Meatboy Forever available 2018.

Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

Lost Sphear Available January 23rd, 2018. Sonic Forces Available November 7th, 2017. Resident Evil Revelation(1&2) Available November 28th, 2017. L.A. Noire Available November 14th, 2017.

Super Mario Odyssey

The final showcase of this Nintendo Direct is Super Mario Odyssey. Yoshiaki Koizumi reintroduces himself as the Producer for the game and sports a conspicuous red hat with large eyes. He recounts much of the information given so far about the upcoming title and is barely able to contain his excitement.
Bowser is at it again but this time he not only kidnaps Princess Peach, he intends to marry her, the scoundrel! Mario is assisted by Cappy, a floating hat like being who’s sister, Tiara has also been captured by Bowser. Together they journey across the world to save their loved ones. They will visit many new locations like New Donk City in the Metro Kingdom[A contemporary looking city], Tostarena in The Sand Kingdom[Styilized Mexican village, Mount Volbono in the Luncheon Kingdom[looks like a Kirby stage], Steam Gardens in the Wooded Kingdom[streampunk], Bonneton in the Cap Kingdom[Cappy’s home Kingdom], Fossil Falls in the Cascade Kingdom[Dinosaurs?], and(debuting in this Nintendo Direct) Shiveria in the Snow Kingdom[It’s cold], and Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom[A water and beach level]. There is also a tropical Island where Mario can possess a flying amphibian.
Mario and Cappy travel in style thanks to their top hat shaped ship, the Odyssey(an improvement from Starship Mario). The ship is powered by collectible Power Moons, not unlike stars in Mario 64. Customization plays a role in Super Mario Odyssey, players can spend coins at the Cap Store on unique outfits, hats, and stickers for the Odyssey.
Another new feature is the snapshot. At any moment you can pause the game, reposition the camera, add blurs and filters, and take the perfect photo for your album and share it everywhere.
A cameo in this showcase took me by surprise, apparently, Pauline[From the original Donkey Kong] resides in New Donk City and lends her voice to the soundtrack.

My thoughts on the Mario Showcase

Super Mario Odyssey looks like a massive game, one of the biggest Mario titles in a very long time. The worlds we’ve been shown so far are enormous and distinct with all manner of new features and possibilities. Mario and Cappy’s ability to possess or capture nearby enemies or creatures offers all manner of gameplay possibilities. The Power Moon list they teased contained over 30 moons on a single stage!
This isn’t a New Super Mario Bros 2, a safe bet with familiar mechanics and features that work again and again. This is a risky game that departs from the norm like Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. It’s going to be interesting to see what new adventures are in store for Mario and Cappy in their Odyssey. Let’s hope they don;t have to worry about sirens or Cyclopses.
Super Mario Odyssey’s base game, wedding themed Amibo collection, and Switch Bundle will release on October 27th, 2017.

Final Thoughts

This Nintendo Direct crammed in as much as it could into a 45-minute presentation. The four showcased games offered a bounty of information on their titles and gave us plenty to be excited about. Project Octopath Traveler stood out the most for me due to its strikingly unique style combination. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Super Mario Odyssey follow close behind as my favorite showcases thanks to the wealth of information. As I stated before, I’m not a great Pokemon fan so its presentation didn’t affect me the way the others did.
Of the Headlined games in the presentation, the announcement for Skyrim, Doom, and Wolfenstein excited me the most. The latter two were a pleasant surprise and will be on my list of must own games when I eventually get my hands on a Switch.
Of the 3DS titles headlines, my most anticipated on is Metroid Samus Returns. I have a big Metroid fan and what I have seen of the demos, trailers, and teasers so far excite me greatly. And as I do have a New 3DS XL I can pick it up and play immediately. Minecraft was another pleasant surprise for the 3DS. I may end up getting it as well.
Well Done Nintendo on another successful Nintendo Direct. This one was a significant improvement from the E3 presentation.

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