Super Geeks: Star Trek Discovery and The Lady Doctor

Listen to the first “At Will” Super Geeks podcast and read the write up here. In this episode we talk about Star Trek Discovery and Dr Who.

Welcome back to Super Geeks!

We’ve been away for a little while but now were back in in the wake of San Diego Comic Con 2017.
We start the show by reintroducing our hosts and briefly catching up with each other. Then we dive right into the juiciest subjects for our hosts, the Star Trek Discovery trailer debuted at San Diego Comic Con and the information revealed at the panel.
Hosting today:
George Silsby, Super Geeks creator
Ross Bullock(ME!)
Michael Hinman, From Geek Nation
Carlos Pedraza, Independent Filmmaker and Axamonitor Editor
Sunseal Silverfal, Casual Geek
George begins with his feelings and impressions about the look and feel of the trailer. IN some ways it reminded him of SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica reboot. He asks Michael about his thoughts on how fans may react to Michael Burman(the lead character) being Sarek’s adoptive daughter and Spock’s foster sister.

We Haven’t Seen Everything

Michael feels its silly to think that fans have seen all aspects of every character and their families. He prefers the idea of Michael to Sybok from The Undiscovered Country anyway. The discussion bounces from host to host, bouncing around from Vulcans in general, Sarek as a character, and familiar supporting characters.
The subject shifts to the idea of a potential shared universe of Star Trek shows on CBS All Access and the possible crossover events that could occour similar to CW’s “Arrowverse.” This sends us down a tangent for a short while.
George brings us back to Discovery and asks Ross about one of the larger points of contention, The new Klingon design. Ross begins saying that there is always push back when something iconic is dramatically changed. Michael interrupts with a well prepared and practiced rant about how idiotic it is that an entire species should conform to a single look. The discussion continues from there touching on design, culture, and the other iterations of the Klingon design. We also touch on reboots and re-imagining of Marvel, Dr Who, Star Wars and more.

Its also established that Carlos is old.

Sunseal chimes in with her key thought on the trailer. “Europa? What ‘chu doing bein ‘sploded?” We go on about the ships featured in the trailer. The Shenzo is beautiful, the Discovery is slowly growing on us, and then there is the dying Europa.
We also briefly talk about Harry Mudd.

The New Doctor is In

George begins with our second topic for the night, Jodi Whittaker as the New Doctor.
Each host talks about their thoughts on the reveal as well as their impressions of the actress who will fill those very large pair of shoes. In all our reactions are positive and we’re optimistic. We’re interested and excited to see where the character and the stories go from there.
What dominates the discussion is the bewilderment in the internet’s reactions, mostly from people with little to no knowledge of Dr Who, who issued severe negative reactions and even threats at the announcement.
We spin into a tangent about Time Lord Procreation.

Thank you for Watching and Reading!

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