Armello – Getting Started Review

Armello is a turn based fantasy RPG set in a Kingdom fallen to an eldritch corruption. Players must battle the King’s madness and rival clans to take the throne and free the kingdom from his terror.

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Armello’s first impression.

Turn based tactics games are a favorite of mine so when I saw Armello at Twitch Con 2016 it caught my attention. Its unique art and gameplay held my interest and I was eager to see the complete game.I finally got my hands on the game last week and the full game is even more enjoyable that the demo.
The Prologue plays out over four chapters with each chapter featuring one of the four rival clans and an aspect of the game’s mechanics. The first chapter we see Thane of the Wolf Clan setting out into the Kingdom. He is attacked by the King’s guards and given a lesson in Combat. The second chapter follows Mercurio of the Rat clan and the use of  Perils and trickery cards to deter and hinder Thane. Chapter three introduces us to Amber of the Rabbit clan as she uses Spells and show us the advantage of high prestige. Chapter four follows Sana of the Bear clan and illustrated the danger of The Rot, how to fight it, and most important of all, how to win the game.

May the RNG be ever in your Favor

Random number generation(RNG) is a key feature in many games. It adds difficulty and uncertainty into gameplay and in many cased adds a measure of replayability. But where most games hide the randomness Armello embraces it in classic form. This is most apparent in its combat system and Perils where the action is resolved with a Dice Roll. The dice are six sided with each side showing a unique symbol that count as a hit or miss depending on the situation. Dice are beautifully detailed and are meant to be the centerpiece of the action beside the hand drawn combat animation. Perils operate similarly, requiring rolls to match symbols based the conditions of a peril.
The dice are lovingly modeled and detailed. They clatter nicely when they roll and there is a bit of fanfare when the land on a symbol. Dice can be added and taken away depending on each side’s gear and companion. It is a simple concept with a surprising amount of depth.

Art Dimentions

The Armello’s game board and charactrers are modeled in 3D . Each player and NPC model is well rendered and fits into the setting with ease. But where the game shines brightest for me is in the hand drawn 2D art and animation. You may see it first in the game’s beautiful trailer and introduction. In game you see it in the combat scene. Both sides face of in battle ready stances. ready to strike down their opponent with deadly efficiency. Dice roll and actions are resolved as each side strikes, deflects, blocks, pierces, and takes hits in turn.
Armello’s first impression is a strong one. The game is fun and its approach to game design is refreshing. I look forward to playing much more of the game in the future.

Thank you for watching and reading.

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